DSdata Logo The company will be known throughout as DSData.

DSData was a small consulting company specializing in the use and development of computer information systems using the Ingres server and development tools of Actian Corporation (Ingres products) . Skilled tradesmen are always grateful to have access to the best tools for the job they are doing.
These changes announce the retirement of the company and most of its web site.
Until 07 Jul 2016 the genealogy pages for NE Pennsylvania will still be available

If you have queries regarding the data please email Fred who collated all the genealogy data.
If you have previously contributed to the data, a CD copy (readable by Windows and Apple computers) of the site may be available.

The farm continues to grow olives with approximately one thousand trees.
If you are in Western Australia feel free to enquire about the availability and costs of the oil.


email the Site Administrator


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