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Northeastern Pennsylvania Surnames beginning with the letter U



Format is other names, recorded date of birth (if known)
UBAN Charles Mabel ABT 1878, 
UGLOW Jasper 18 JAN 1623,  Lazarus 1652,  Martha 1654, 
ULMER David 15 JUL 1830, 
UNDERWOOD Ann E ABT 1842,  Daniel ABT 1805,  Lavinia 25 DEC 1838,  Louis A ABT 1829,  Nelson F ABT 1831,  Polly 09 JAN 1792,  Prescott ABT 1835,  Willard G ABT 1833, 
UPHAM Elizabeth ABT 1670, 
UPTIGROVE Frances Emily
UTT Alice 17 AUG 1856,  Mary E 1856,  Theodore ABT 1842, 
UTTER Elizabeth ABT 1853, 


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