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Northeastern Pennsylvania Surnames beginning with the letter I



Format is other names, recorded date of birth (if known)
IDE Mary 11 NOV 1649, 
INCH Alice M Cecil Elwood 13 JUN 1885,  Christopher Edmond Edmond ABT 1843,  Elizabeth A Ethel 23 MAR 1887,  Hiram F J Mark James Henry 20 OCT 1854,  John ABT JAN 1679,  John ABT APR 1712,  John ABT APR 1736,  John ABT 1772,  John 07 MAR 1808,  Lucy J Mary Mary Ann Sarah P ABT 1850,  William Day 01 AUG 1890,  Zacharias ABT 1777, 
INGERLERT Elvira ABT 1823, 
IRWIN Charles
ISBELL Frances L ABT 1846,  George R ABT 1843,  Luri Jones ABT 1804,  Orcelia L ABT 1834, 
ITHELL Mary ABT 1558,  Pierce Pierre ABT 1536, 
IVEY James
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