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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wyoming County in the state of Pennsylvania
Lemon Township

Page 47

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
47A1965MARSHAL, Nelsonm36PA 
47A2965MARSHAL, Rachaelf32NY 
47A3965MARSHAL, Maryf10PA 
47A4965MARSHAL, Harrietf8PA 
47A5965MARSHAL, Benjnm5PA 
47A6965MARSHAL, Williamm7/12PA 
47A7965BROWN, Jm72England 
47A8966HINES, Sm43CT 
47A9966HINES, Maryf40CT 
47A10966HINES, ?f16CT 
47A11966HINES, Williamm11PA 
47A12966HINES, Maryf2PA 
47A13966HINES, Edwardm20CT 
47A14967EARL, S Wm31PA 
47A15967EARL, Janef25PA 
47A16967EARL, Williamm5PA 
47A17967EARL, Francesf3PA 
47A18967REED, Maryf14PA 
47A19967BINGHAM, Johnm50Ireland 
47A20968EARL, Harrietf55CT 
47A21968EARL, Benjnm24PA 
47A22968EARL, Georgem17PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
47A23968EARL, Emelinef13PA 
47A24968EARL, Catharinef10PA 
47A25969STARK, Wmm60PA 
47A26969STARK, Catharinef50PA 
47A27969STARK, Lewism29PA 
47A28969STARK, Peterm26PA 
47A29969STARK, Websterm24PA 
47A30969STARK, Celestiaf18PA 
47A31969STARK, Ameliaf17PA 
47A32969STARK, Ruthf12PA 
47A33969STARK, Elizabethf10PA 
47A34969STARK, Georgem7PA 
47A35970DAYTON, Jm30PA 
47A36970DAYTON, Sarahf18CT 
47A37971CRANDALL, Jm26PA 
47A38971CRANDALL, Harrietf23PA 
47A39971CRANDALL, Josephm1/12PA 
47A40971EARL, Cathf9PA 
47A41971HUGHS, Patirckm35Ireland 
47A42972MULLINS ?, J Lm48NJ 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
47B1972MULLINS ?, Henriettaf18PA 
47B2972MULLINS ?, Hiramm16PA 
47B3972MULLINS ?, Alfredm14PA 
47B4972MULLINS ?, Hannahf10PA 
47B5972MULLINS ?, Josephm3PA 
47B7973DICKINSON, Roxanaf30PA 
47B8973DICKINSON, Harrietf10PA 
47B9973DICKINSON, Hannahf8PA 
47B10973DICKINSON, Maryf6PA 
47B11973DICKINSON, Annaf4PA 
47B12973DICKINSON, Alviraf2PA 
47B13974MEAD, Jamesm40PA 
47B14974MEAD, Margtf33PA 
47B15974MEAD, Lucindaf7PA 
47B16974MEAD, Harrism2PA 
47B17975AMY, Davidm43PA 
47B18975AMY, Carolinef37PA 
47B19975AMY, Samuelm15PA 
47B20975AMY, Marief13PA 
47B21975AMY, Elizabethf13PA 
47B22975AMY, Lucindaf11PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
47B23975AMY, Georgem9PA 
47B24975AMY, Eunacef7PA 
47B25975AMY, Henrym2PA 
47B26976LANGLY, Wmm45England 
47B27976LANGLY, Elenf32NJ 
47B28976LANGLY, Sarahf9PA 
47B29976LANGLY, Williamm6PA 
47B30976LANGLY, Eunacef1PA 
47B31977OAKLEY, Johnm68NY 
47B32977OAKLEY, Dollyf65VT 
47B33977SPENCER, Hm26VT 
47B34978LOTT, Stephenm67PA 
47B35978LOTT, Elizabethf64PA 
47B36978LOTT, Charlesm18PA 
47B37979CAGGEN ?, Cm30NY 
47B38979CAGGEN ?, Maryf28PA 
47B39979CAGGEN ?, Sarahf2PA 
47B40979CAGGEN ?, Margaretf1PA 
47B41979BORGAN, Tm35England 
47B42980LOTT, Denisonm34PA 

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