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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wyoming County in the state of Pennsylvania
Nicholson Township

Page 127

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
127A12053MILLER, Johnm60PA 
127A22053MILLER, Lucindaf35PA 
127A32053MILLER, Lucindaf15PA 
127A42053MILLER, Betseyf13PA 
127A52053MILLER, Johnm11PA 
127A62053MILLER, Peterm9PA 
127A72053MILLER, Williamm8PA 
127A82053MILLER, Maryf6PA 
127A92053MILLER, Jamief4PA 
127A102053MILLER, Catharinef2PA 
127A112054CONNELL, Isaacm40PA 
127A122054CONNELL, Sallyf35PA 
127A132054CONNELL, Isaacm70PA 
127A142054CONNELL, Josephm15PA 
127A152054CONNELL, Isaacm13PA 
127A162054CONNELL, Benjm11PA 
127A172054CONNELL, Cyrusm5PA 
127A182055BRALON, Lm33RI 
127A192055BRALON, Fannyf31RI 
127A202056COBB, Jamesm28RI 
127A212056COBB, Rosillaf20RI 
127A222057CARR, Williamm23PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
127A232057CARR, Harrietf28PA 
127A242057CARR, Edwinm7PA 
127A252057CARR, Maryf8/12PA 
127A262058ROBERTS, Isaacm50PA 
127A272058ROBERTS, Betseyf45PA 
127A282058ROBERTS, Annf23PA 
127A292058ROBERTS, Georgem21PA 
127A302058ROBERTS, Mahalaf18PA 
127A312058ROBERTS, Jamesm16PA 
127A322058ROBERTS, Asahelm14PA 
127A332058ROBERTS, Sarahf12PA 
127A342058ROBERTS, Jenettef8PA 
127A352058ROBERTS, Milertm4PA 
127A362058ROBERTS, Louisaf2PA 
127A372058ROBERTS, Jeromem1PA 
127A382059DECORY, Sm35PA 
127A392059DECORY, Amandaf30PA 
127A402059DECORY, Maryf1PA 
127A412060WORDON, Minerm30PA 
127A422060WORDON, Elizaf27PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
127B12060WORDON, Leroym3PA 
127B22060WORDON, Susanf1PA 
127B32061TAYLOR, Davidm70unknown 
127B42061TAYLOR, Lydiaf65PA 
127B52061TAYLOR, Hiramm40PA 
127B62061TAYLOR, Elsyf36PA 
127B72061TAYLOR, Orlandom11PA 
127B82062TAYLOR, Lazerousm34PA 
127B92062TAYLOR, Sarahf33PA 
127B102062TAYLOR, Maryf7PA 
127B112062TAYLOR, Perrym5PA 
127B122062TAYLOR, Kathryn ?f1PA 
127B132063TAYLOR, G Wm24PA 
127B142063TAYLOR, Louisannaf23PA 
127B152063TAYLOR, Williamm2PA 
127B162064HOBEN, Jamesm70PA 
127B172064HOBEN, Elizaf65PA 
127B182064HOBEN, Maryf33PA 
127B192064HOBEN, Elizaf30PA 
127B202065WROUGHT, Leonardm33PA 
127B212065WROUGHT, Dorcasf30PA 
127B222065WROUGHT, Jeromem10PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
127B232065WROUGHT, Josephm9PA 
127B242065WROUGHT, Perrym7PA 
127B252065WROUGHT, Abnerm5PA 
127B262065WROUGHT, Emmaf1PA 
127B272066BREMER, Am34NJ 
127B282066BREMER, Annf31PA 
127B292066BREMER, Maryf11PA 
127B302066BREMER, Ellenf9PA 
127B312066BREMER, Marthaf7PA 
127B322066BREMER, Edmundm5PA 
127B332066BREMER, Francism3PA 
127B342066SCOTT, Perlinaf22PA 
127B352067WELLS, Nathanm27NY 
127B362067WELLS, Diannaf23PA 
127B372067WELLS, Johnm1PA 
127B382068WROUGHT, Sm23PA 
127B392068WROUGHT, Lauraf22PA 
127B402068WROUGHT, Evalinef2PA 
127B412068WROUGHT, Lorindaf8/12PA 
127B422068HOGAN, Johnm23Ireland 

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