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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wyoming County in the state of Pennsylvania
Clinton Township

Page 120

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
120A11960OSBORN, Wmm71NY 
120A21960OSBORN, Elizabethf64NY 
120A31960OSBORN, Josephm24NY 
120A41960OSBORN, Henrym13PA 
120A51961STRANGER, Samuelm40PA 
120A61961STRANGER, Elizabethf23PA 
120A71961STRANGER, Lewism15PA 
120A81961STRANGER, Mortonm13PA 
120A91961STRANGER, Williamm11PA 
120A101961STRANGER, Maryf4PA 
120A111961STRANGER, Catharinef2PA 
120A121962MARCY ?, Josephm55PA 
120A131962MARCY ?, Deliaf55PA 
120A141962MARCY ?, Nicholasm30PA 
120A151962MARCY ?, Wmm18PA 
120A161962MARCY ?, Johnm7PA 
120A171963AVERY, Clarissaf56PA 
120A181963AVERY, Aaronm17NY 
120A191964DEPUGH, Jacobm40PA 
120A201964DEPUGH, Sarahf27PA 
120A211964DEPUGH, Marthaf7PA 
120A221964DEPUGH, Annetaf4PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
120A231964DEPUGH, Albertm2PA 
120A241964DEPUGH, Johnm21PA 
120A251965MAHON, Am41NY 
120A261965MAHON, Perlindaf36NY 
120A271965MAHON, Nelora ?f15PA 
120A281965MAHON, Edwardm13PA 
120A291965MAHON, Charlesm11PA 
120A301965MAHON, Alfordm9PA 
120A311965MAHON, Perlindaf7PA 
120A321965MAHON, Renselaerm5PA 
120A331965MAHON, Francisf3PA 
120A341965MAHON, Johnm1PA 
120A351965MAHON, Maloisee ?f17PA 
120A361966CAREY, Johnm41PA 
120A371966CAREY, Pameliaf36PA 
120A381966CAREY, Merrittm17PA 
120A391966CAREY, Johnm15PA 
120A401966CAREY, Marillaf13PA 
120A411966CAREY, Pollyf11PA 
120A421966CAREY, Charleym9PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
120B11966CAREY, Robertm7PA 
120B21966CAREY, Benjaminm5PA 
120B31966CAREY, Lewism1PA 
120B41966RODNEY, Henrym40PA 
120B51966RODNEY, Marthaf35PA 
120B61966RODNEY, Uricaf17PA 
120B71966RODNEY, Elizabethf15PA 
120B81966RODNEY, Marinda ?f13PA 
120B91966RODNEY, Georgem11PA 
120B101966RODNEY, Jamesm9PA 
120B111966RODNEY, Cortlandm6PA 
120B121966RODNEY, Nicholasm4PA 
120B131966RODNEY, Robertm2PA 
120B141967RODNEY, Barneym45PA 
120B151967RODNEY, Maryf40PA 
120B161967RODNEY, Adamm21PA 
120B171967RODNEY, Johnm19PA 
120B181967RODNEY, Jeffersonm17PA 
120B191967RODNEY, Maryf15PA 
120B201967RODNEY, Lucyf13PA 
120B211967RODNEY, Peterm8PA 
120B221967RODNEY, Annf6PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
120B231968TOWNSEND, Fm31PA 
120B241968TOWNSEND, Pollyf26PA 
120B251968TOWNSEND, Harrietf6PA 
120B261968TOWNSEND, Edwinm4PA 
120B271968TOWNSEND, Benjaminm1PA 
120B281968TOWNSEND, Maryf18PA 
120B291969PHILO, Am84CT 
120B301969PHILO, Nathanm38PA 
120B311969PHILO, Marthaf37PA 
120B321969PHILO, Louisaf19PA 
120B331969PHILO, Elizabethf13PA 
120B341969PHILO, Nathanm10PA 
120B351969PHILO, Vincentm8PA 
120B361969PHILO, Martha ?f7PA 
120B371969PHILO, Pollyf5PA 
120B381969PHILO, Azorm3PA 
120B391969PHILO, Jamesm8/12PA 
120B401970AGER, Lm40NY 
120B411970AGER, Nancyf43NY 
120B421970AGER, Henrym10PA 

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