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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wyoming County in the state of Pennsylvania
Falls Township

Page 110

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
110A11822TOWNSEND, Cm63unknown 
110A21822TOWNSEND, Mariaf47NY 
110A31822TOWNSEND, Sidneym21PA 
110A41822TOWNSEND, Jacobm19PA 
110A51822TOWNSEND, Delvanm17PA 
110A61822TOWNSEND, Gilesm15PA 
110A71822TOWNSEND, Mariaf13PA 
110A81822TOWNSEND, Harrietf11PA 
110A91822TOWNSEND, Charlesm9PA 
110A101822TOWNSEND, Benjnm7PA 
110A111823HARRIS, Elisham55PA 
110A121823HARRIS, Celindaf54PA 
110A131823HARRIS, P Newmanm27PA 
110A141823HARRIS, M Gordon ?f15PA 
110A151824NEWMAN, Henrym53PA 
110A161824NEWMAN, Susannaf53PA 
110A171824NEWMAN, Markm19PA 
110A181824NEWMAN, Noahm16PA 
110A191824NEWMAN, Williamm13PA 
110A201824NEWMAN, Marthaf10PA 
110A211825KEELER, Sterna ?m37PA 
110A221825KEELER, Lydiaf25PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
110A231825KEELER, Betseyf4PA 
110A241825KEELER, Sarahf2PA 
110A251826LUNN, S Sm25PA 
110A261826LUNN, Rannaf27PA 
110A271826LUNN, Maryf5PA 
110A281826RAY, Benjnm14PA 
110A291827VANCAMPEN, Hm30NJ 
110A301827VANCAMPEN, Phoebef34NJ 
110A311827VANCAMPEN, Ceceliaf64NJ 
110A321827BENNET, Gm14unknown 
110A331827SNASER, Gm13PA 
110A341828SNOW, D Hm46NJ 
110A351828SNOW, Catharinef31NJ 
110A361828SNOW, Georgem11NJ 
110A371828SNOW, Sarahf10NJ 
110A381828SNOW, Johnm8NJ 
110A391828SNOW, Samuelm6NJ 
110A401828SNOW, Phoebef4NJ 
110A411828SNOW, Ginnia ?f2NJ 
110A421828SNOW, babym2/12PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
110B11829SUTTON, Wmm39PA 
110B21829SUTTON, Barbaraf37PA 
110B31829SUTTON, Elizabethf19PA 
110B41829SUTTON, Catharinef17PA 
110B51830MILLER, Saml Gm29PA 
110B61830MILLER, Elizabethf34PA 
110B71831GULICHE, Levim51NJ 
110B81831GULICHE, Hannahf29NJ 
110B91831GULICHE, Williamm21NJ 
110B101831GULICHE, Elizaf17NJ 
110B111831GULICHE, Josiahm16NJ 
110B121831GULICHE, Priscillaf14PA 
110B131831GULICHE, Shephardm12PA 
110B141831GULICHE, Jacksonm9PA 
110B151831GULICHE, Finnanm7PA 
110B161831GULICHE, Marthaf5PA 
110B171832DESHHAMMER, Pm36PA 
110B181832DESHHAMMER, Lauraf34PA 
110B191832DESHHAMMER, Andrewm7PA 
110B201832DESHHAMMER, Perrym4PA 
110B211832DESHHAMMER, Litusm1PA 
110B221833BECKER, Wmm48NJ 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
110B231833BECKER, Sarahf43NJ 
110B241833BECKER, Emelinef21NJ 
110B251833BECKER, Williamm17PA 
110B261833BECKER, Henrym16PA 
110B271833BECKER, Jacobm13PA 
110B281833BECKER, Phoebef11PA 
110B291833BECKER, Letitiaf8PA 
110B301833BECKER, Maryf6PA 
110B311834AARON, John Hm48PA 
110B321834AARON, Mariaf23PA 
110B331834AARON, Johnm3PA 
110B341834AARON, Elisham6/12PA 
110B351835SWARTWOOD, Jacobm33PA 
110B361835SWARTWOOD, Sarahf29PA 
110B371835SWARTWOOD, Castiona ?f4PA 
110B381835SWARTWOOD, Johnm2PA 
110B391836MCMAHON, D Mm47Ireland 
110B401836MCMAHON, Ellenf39Ireland 
110B411836MCMAHON, Francesm14Ireland 
110B421836MCMAHON, Martinm11Ireland 

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