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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wayne County in the state of Pennsylvania
Palmyra Township

Page 90

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
90A11SANDS, Jacobm34PA 
90A21SANDS, Williamm19PA 
90A31SANDS, Williamm12PA 
90A41SANDS, Mareyf10PA 
90A51SANDS, Leonoraf5PA 
90A61SANDS, Johnm2PA 
90A71BEAMS, Catherinef24PA 
90A81FOSTER, Emmaf4PA 
90A91BARKER, Benm40Eng 
90A101BROWN, Joshuam45MA 
90A111HAYMAN, Thomasm24PA 
90A121CEDER, Richardm24PA 
90A131NICHOLAS, Elijaham28PA 
90A141TOWNSEND, Holstadm28NJ 
90A151BELL, Archebaldm24NY 
90A161BLISH, Alonzm28NY 
90A171BARDALL, Johnm19PA 
90A181SWANK, Williamm20PA 
90A191EGGBER, Williamm26PA 
90A201DUING, Dunningm30PA 
90A211MILLER, S Bm28NY 
90A221THOMAS, Jm26PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
90A231GREY, Orsonm35MA 
90A242CORDAN, Patm56Ireland 
90A252CORDAN, Marcyf40Ireland 
90A262CORDAN, Johnm22Ireland 
90A272CORDAN, Thomasm20Ireland 
90A282CORDAN, Edwardm18Ireland 
90A292CORDAN, Annf17Ireland 
90A303MELLIC, Tm22PA 
90A314CALLAGAN, Jamesm25Ireland 
90A324CALLAGAN, Marcyf20Ireland 
90A334CALLAGAN, Annf3/12Ireland 
90A344BEERMAN, Johnm30Ireland 
90A354BEMAN, Johnm32Ireland 
90A364RYAN, Fiana ?m27Ireland 
90A374GRAY, Thomasm28Ireland 
90A385BRUNER, Johnm30Germany 
90A395BRUNER, Marcyf20Ireland 
90A405GUCCMAN, Margaretf24Ireland 
90A416JAMESON, Charlesm43PA 
90A426JAMESON, Nancyf28PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
90B16ROEMAN, Henrym31Poland 
90B26GRABOWSKI, Aaronm32Poland 
90B38FIRT, Thomasm33England 
90B48FIRT, Annf35England 
90B58FIRT, Sarahaf14England 
90B68FIRT, Hanahf12England 
90B78FIRT, Thomasm9England 
90B88FIRT, Marcyf7England 
90B98FIRT, Joshuam2England 
90B109RICKARD, Luism23PA 
90B119RICKARD, Marcyf20PA 
90B129RICKARD, Marcy Af2PA 
90B1310HASKIN, Georgem35MA 
90B1410HASKIN, Rhuhemaf30NY 
90B1510HASKIN, Harrietf6PA 
90B1610HASKIN, Warrenm4PA 
90B1710MYERS, Georgem40PA 
90B1810MILLER, Williamm25PA 
90B1910STORM, Jeremiahm13PA 
90B2011MAY, Michalm38Germany 
90B2111MAY, Christenaf40Germany 
90B2211MAY, Charlesm9PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
90B2311MAY, Marcyf6PA 
90B2411MAY, Josephm5PA 
90B2511MAY, Michalm2PA 
90B2612PARKER, Georgem40France 
90B2712PARKER, Magdalenef40France 
90B2812PARKER, Josephm11France 
90B2912PARKER, Georgem4France 
90B3012PARKER, Johnm50France 
90B3113WOLF, Johnm40PA 
90B3213WOLF, Christianaf30PA 
90B3313HANN, Johnm15PA 
90B3413WOLF, Horacem6PA 
90B3513WOLF, Jacobm8/12PA 
90B3614HAYNS, Archerm51PA 
90B3714HAYNS, Annf44PA 
90B3814HAYNS, Jobem17PA 
90B3914HAYNS, Radaf23PA 
90B4014HAYNS, Marihaf13PA 
90B4114HAYNS, Matildaf11PA 
90B4214HAYNS, Georgem7PA 

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