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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wayne County in the state of Pennsylvania
Manchester Township

Page 81

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
81A11BURDICK, Joshuam50RI 
81A21BURDICK, Maryf48RI 
81A31BURDICK, Estherf18PA 
81A41BURDICK, Kathf16PA 
81A51BURDICK, Maryf13PA 
81A61BURDICK, Louisaf10PA 
81A72LESTER, Danielm55NY 
81A82LESTER, Fannyf49PA 
81A92LESTER, Alfredm26PA 
81A102LESTER, Nathanielm22PA 
81A112LESTER, Georgem19PA 
81A122LESTER, Erastusm18PA 
81A132LESTER, Morrism15PA 
81A142LESTER, Warnerm13PA 
81A152LESTER, Alsonm10PA 
81A162LESTER, Josephm8PA 
81A172LESTER, Benjaminm8PA 
81A183TYLOR, Nelsonm42NY 
81A193TYLOR, Lydiaf36CT 
81A203TYLOR, Mariaf13PA 
81A213TYLOR, Abigailf11PA 
81A223TYLOR, Ellenf7PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
81A233TYLOR, Carolinef5NY 
81A243TYLOR, Elizabethf2PA 
81A253TYLOR, Harriet Tf9/12PA 
81A264LESTER, Charlesm31PA 
81A274LESTER, Rosettaf24NY 
81A284LESTER, Lydiaf3PA 
81A295KILMER, Henrym40NY 
81A305KILMER, Susanf23NY 
81A315KILMER, Johnm5NY 
81A325KILMER, Williamm3NY 
81A335KILMER, Maryf1PA 
81A346LESTER, Henrym27PA 
81A356LESTER, Maryf27PA 
81A366LESTER, Lucindaf5PA 
81A376LESTER, Henrym3PA 
81A386LESTER, Samuelm8/12PA 
81A397BROWN, Benazerm49NY 
81A407BROWN, Susanahf39NY 
81A417BROWN, Ebenezerm19PA 
81A427BROWN, Annaf17PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
81B17BROWN, Williamm14NY 
81B27BROWN, Johnm12PA 
81B37BROWN, Maryf6PA 
81B47TYLER, Enosm40PA 
81B58BURDICK, Joshua Jrm23CT 
81B68BURDICK, Betsyf22NY 
81B78BURDICK, Henriettaf3PA 
81B88BURDICK, Jasperm4/12PA 
81B99BASIGER, Williamm37NY 
81B109BASIGER, Diannaf31PA 
81B119BASIGER, Williamm15PA 
81B129BASIGER, Josephinef13NY 
81B139BASIGER, Theodorem11NY 
81B149BASIGER, Delilaf9NY 
81B159BASIGER, Simeonm5NY 
81B169BASIGER, Jonathanm2NY 
81B179BASIGER, Paulm5/12NY 
81B1810QUICK, Samuelm50NY 
81B1910QUICK, Isabellaf46PA 
81B2010QUICK, Samuelm23PA 
81B2111TEEPLE, Williamm33PA 
81B2211TEEPLE, Sarahf24PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
81B2311TEEPLE, Johnm5PA 
81B2411TEEPLE, Isabellaf7PA 
81B2511TEEPLE, Samuelm2PA 
81B2612STEVENS, Isaacm31PA 
81B2712STEVENS, Francesf27NY 
81B2812WRIGHT, Charlesm5PA 
81B2913WELSH, Henrym38England 
81B3013WELSH, Maryf39NY 
81B3113WELSH, Janettaf12NY 
81B3213WELSH, Williamm7NY 
81B3313WELSH, Charlesm6NY 
81B3413WELSH, Arthurm3PA 
81B3513WELSH, Francism3/12PA 
81B3613HOWEL, Davidm80Wales 
81B3713RAINS, Jamesm19PA 
81B3813PARKS, Jannettef32NY 
81B3913HARFORD, Sarahf18PA 
81B4014PRICE, Andrewm22NY 
81B4114PRICE, Keziahf21PA 

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