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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wayne County in the state of Pennsylvania
Damascus Township

Page 61

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
61A11SKINNER, Davidm33NY 
61A21SKINNER, Estherf24NY 
61A31SKINNER, Christinaf1PA 
61A42WILSON, Johnm30PA 
61A52WILSON, Harrietf24NY 
61A63LOVLASS, Robertm30NY 
61A73LOVLASS, Sarahf24NY 
61A83LOVLASS, Edwardm8/12PA 
61A94KILLEM, Jeptham49PA 
61A104KILLEM, Ursalaf35PA 
61A114KILLEM, Maryf12PA 
61A124KILLEM, Nathanielm9PA 
61A134KILLEM, Betseyf7PA 
61A144KILLEM, Georgem4PA 
61A154KILLEM, Jacobm1PA 
61A165TYLER, Raymondm43NY 
61A175TYLER, Juliaf42NY 
61A185TYLER, Trumanm16PA 
61A195TYLER, Israelm13PA 
61A205TYLER, Commestha ?f11PA 
61A215TYLER, Freemanm10PA 
61A225TYLER, Meritf6PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
61A235TYLER, Hannahf3PA 
61A245TYLER, Johnm2PA 
61A255ROSS, Pollyf14NY 
61A266TYLER, Johnm46NY 
61A276TYLER, Hannahf35PA 
61A286TYLER, Margaretf11PA 
61A297BAKER, Jamesm42NY 
61A307BAKER, Phebef41PA 
61A317BAKER, Nathanm17NY 
61A327BAKER, Emilyf13PA 
61A337BAKER, Lydiaf11PA 
61A347BAKER, Jamesm8PA 
61A357BAKER, Lucus ?m2PA 
61A367MAIN, Joshuam20NY 
61A378KILLEM, Williamm50NJ 
61A388KILLEM, Dulcineaf44PA 
61A398KILLEM, Elijahm29PA 
61A408KILLEM, Phebef22NY 
61A418KILLEM, Williamm7PA 
61A428KILLEM, Johnm5PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
61B18KILLEM, Janef1PA 
61B29RUTLEDGE, Williamm34PA 
61B39RUTLEDGE, Lavinaf23PA 
61B49RUTLEDGE, Sarahf31PA 
61B59VANAAKEN, Jacobm23NY 
61B69POLLICK, Johnm4NY 
61B710RUTLEDGE, Edwardm49Ireland 
61B810RUTLEDGE, Christinaf26PA 
61B910RUTLEDGE, Charlesm1PA 
61B1011ROICE, Edwardm46Ireland 
61B1111ROICE, Janef49Ireland 
61B1212HENDERSON, Robertm26Ireland 
61B1312HENDERSON, Elizaf23Ireland 
61B1412HENDERSON, Williamm5/12PA 
61B1513RUTLEDGE, Alexanderm51Ireland 
61B1613RUTLEDGE, Maryf40NY 
61B1713RUTLEDGE, Fannief23PA 
61B1813RUTLEDGE, Jacobm21PA 
61B1913RUTLEDGE, Maryf19PA 
61B2013RUTLEDGE, Edwardm15PA 
61B2113RUTLEDGE, Delilaf11PA 
61B2213RUTLEDGE, Catherinef8PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
61B2313RUTLEDGE, Peterm7PA 
61B2413RUTLEDGE, Sarahf5PA 
61B2513RUTLEDGE, Alonzom2PA 
61B2613BRADY, Francism22Ireland 
61B2714COLLINS, Johnm52Ireland 
61B2814COLLINS, Agnesf51Scotland 
61B2914COLLINS, Margaretf17Scotland 
61B3014COLLINS, Rachelf14Scotland 
61B3115MONNINGTON, Johnm31PA 
61B3215MONNINGTON, Harrietf28PA 
61B3315MONNINGTON, Duglasm7PA 
61B3415MONNINGTON, Sethm4PA 
61B3515MONNINGTON, Orlandom5/12PA 
61B3616CORNFIELD, Johnm26unknown 
61B3716CORNFIELD, Maryf19PA 
61B3816CORNFIELD, Sarahf3/12PA 
61B3917RUTLEDGE, Johnm41PA 
61B4017RUTLEDGE, Nancyf35PA 
61B4117RUTLEDGE, Jamesm8PA 
61B4217RUTLEDGE, Johnm2PA 

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