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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wayne County in the state of Pennsylvania
Lebanon Township

Page 55

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
55A11NILES, Calvinm39NY 
55A21NILES, Elminaf39PA 
55A31NILES, Janef12PA 
55A41NILES, Catherinef12PA 
55A51NILES, Philinaf11PA 
55A61NILES, Rufusm10PA 
55A71NILES, Charlottef6PA 
55A81NILES, Johnm3PA 
55A91NILES, Lubella ?f1/24PA 
55A102NILES, Arthurm28NY 
55A112NILES, Sarahf21PA 
55A122NILES, Angelinef3/12PA 
55A133WILLIAMS, Levim41MA 
55A143WILLIAMS, Lucyf34CT 
55A153WILLIAMS, Juliaf14PA 
55A163WILLIAMS, Maryf9PA 
55A173WILLIAMS, Sarahf6PA 
55A183WILLIAMS, Alfredm3PA 
55A194BALLCOMB, Elenorf44PA 
55A204BALLCOMB, Danielm24PA 
55A214BALLCOMB, Hannahf16PA 
55A224BALLCOMB, Elviraf7PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
55A234BALLCOMB, Elminaf7PA 
55A244HANNAH, Williamm28CT 
55A255BUDD, Elijahm58NY 
55A265BUDD, Abigailf52NY 
55A275BUDD, Seelym31NY 
55A285BALLCOMB, Carolinef28PA 
55A295BUDD, Sallyf22NY 
55A305BUDD, Henrym17NY 
55A315BUDD, Permeliaf12NY 
55A325BUDD, Nelsonm9NY 
55A335BALLCOMB, Monroem1PA 
55A346BALLCOMB, Danielm23MA 
55A356BALLCOMB, Juliaf56MA 
55A366BALLCOMB, Miltonm26PA 
55A376BALLCOMB, Danielm16PA 
55A387BALLCOMB, Hannahf79MA 
55A397BALLCOMB, Lafayettem24PA 
55A408NELSON, Jamesm25PA 
55A418NELSON, Rebeccaf25PA 
55A428NELSON, Harrisonm2PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
55B18NELSON, Edgarm5/12PA 
55B28ROPELY, Harriotf12NY 
55B39COOK, Markm40England 
55B49COOK, Hannahf38England 
55B510MORGAN, Richardm56England 
55B610MORGAN, Georgem25England 
55B710MORGAN, Robertm21England 
55B811BAKER, Ezram60RI 
55B911BAKER, Eisabethf58RI 
55B1012BAKER, Georgem28RI 
55B1112BAKER, Emilyf25PApa1860
55B1212BAKER, Sarah ??f3PApa1860
55B1312BAKER, Harriotf1PApa1860
55B1413BAKER, Stephenm28RI 
55B1513BAKER, Catharinef24PA 
55B1613BAKER, Phebef2PA 
55B1713BAKER, Francesf4/12PA 
55B1814TOMLINSON, Michaelm36England 
55B1914TOMLINSON, Nancyf41England 
55B2014TOMLINSON, Helenf11England 
55B2114TOMLINSON, Elisabethf5England 
55B2214TOMLINSON, Maryf3PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
55B2315BENNET, Abrahamm52NY 
55B2415BENNET, Elenorf49NY 
55B2515BENNET, Jamesm22PA 
55B2615BENNET, Josephm15PA 
55B2715BENNET, Lavinaf13PA 
55B2815BENNET, Elenorf8PA 
55B2915BENNET, Elisabethf5PA 
55B3016BLAIR, Bricem30Ireland 
55B3116BLAIR, Jemimaf31PA 
55B3216BLAIR, Jamesm4PA 
55B3316BLAIR, Thomasm2PA 
55B3418BLAIR, Jamesm35Ireland 
55B3518BLAIR, Sarahf24Ireland 
55B3618BLAIR, Robertm3PA 
55B3718BLAIR, Francism1PA 
55B3818BLAIR, Jamesm7/12PA 
55B3919BROOKS, Virgilm39MA 
55B4019BROOKS, Olivef34PA 
55B4119BROOKS, Maryf16PA 
55B4219BROOKS, Freelovef14PA 

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