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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wayne County in the state of Pennsylvania
Oregon Township

Page 50

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
50A11BAIRD, Almisonm37PA 
50A21BAIRD, Sabsef30PA 
50A31BAIRD, Johnm6PA 
50A42MCRUNNELS, Benjaminm35PA 
50A52MCRUNNELS, Maryf25NY 
50A62MCRUNNELS, Florancef5NY 
50A72MCRUNNELS, Marthaf3PA 
50A82MCRUNNELS, Sencyf1PA 
50A92MCRUNNELS, Hughm69PA 
50A102HOEL ?, Lewism19PA 
50A112RUNNELS, Theressaf30PA 
50A123BROWN, Thomasm31PA 
50A133BROWN, Chloef30NY 
50A144LOOLASS, Jamesm58VA 
50A154LOOLASS, Charlottef35unknown 
50A164LOOLASS, Fannyf5PA 
50A174LOOLASS, Jamesm1/12PA 
50A184LOOLASS, Johnm25PA 
50A195MCCARTHUR, Josephm32NY 
50A205MCCARTHUR, Minervaf22PA 
50A216TUTTLE, Levim46CT 
50A226TUTTLE, Dorcasf36PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
50A236TUTTLE, Carltonm21CT 
50A246CADE, Adalinef15NY 
50A257SCOONOVER, Simonm38PA 
50A267SCOONOVER, Ellenf34PA 
50A277SCOONOVER, Susannahf16PA 
50A287SCOONOVER, Levim14PApa1860
50A297SCOONOVER, Johnm11PA 
50A307SCOONOVER, Nathanm8PA 
50A318SMITH, Isaacm31PA 
50A328SMITH, Marillaf29PA 
50A338SMITH, Johnm8PA 
50A348SMITH, Catherinef5PA 
50A358SMITH, Maryf3PA 
50A368SMITH, Lucindaf1PA 
50A378NELSON, Charlesm28PA 
50A389BRANNEN, Corneliusm32NY 
50A399BRANNEN, Lousyf29? 
50A409BRANNEN, Ellenf10? 
50A419BRANNEN, Elenerf9? 
50A429BRANNEN, Johnm7? 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
50B19BRANNEN, Henrym5PA 
50B29BRANNEN, Maryf1PA 
50B39NELSON, Charlesm28PA 
50B49STEVENS, Williamm22England 
50B59BEEMIS, Jeffersonm22NJ 
50B610BRANNEN, Georgem26PA 
50B710BRANNEN, Sallyf35PA 
50B810BRANNEN, Charlesm4PA 
50B910BRANNEN, Josephm4/12PA 
50B1010BRINK, Elisabethf16PA 
50B1110BRINK, Pollyf14PA 
50B1210BRINK, Cordeliaf12PA 
50B1310BRINK, Annf8PA 
50B1411HICKS, Johnm37England 
50B1511HICKS, Elisabethf22England 
50B1611HICKS, Andrewm35England 
50B1712BUDD, Edmondm30England 
50B1812BUDD, Sarahf33England 
50B1912BUDD, Janef7PA 
50B2012BUDD, Richardm5PA 
50B2112BUDD, Sarahf3PA 
50B2212HAYNES, Johnm77England 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
50B2312HAYNES, Elisabethf74England 
50B2413HARTMAN, Johnm30Germany 
50B2513HARTMAN, Maryf19Germany 
50B2613HARTMAN, Elisabethf8/12PA 
50B2713HARTMAN, Jacobm56Germany 
50B2814HARTMAN, Lewism24Germany 
50B2914HARTMAN, Catherinef25Germany 
50B3014HARTMAN, Louisaf3/12PA 
50B3114HARTMAN, Jacobm60Germany 
50B3214HARTMAN, Charlottef58Germany 
50B3315HARTMAN, Charlesm21Germany 
50B3415HARTMAN, Maryf18PA 
50B3515HARTMAN, Georgem1PA 
50B3616STEVENS, Marcusm24PA 
50B3716STEVENS, Sarahf16NY 
50B3816WILLIAMS, Elisabethf7NY 
50B3917BROWN, Georgem?NY 
50B4017BROWN, Clarissaf?Canada 
50B4117BROWN, Morrism?PA 
50B4217BROWN, Roxyf?PA 

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