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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wayne County in the state of Pennsylvania
Scott Township

Page 42

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
42A11LABAR, Maryf51MA 
42A21LABAR, William Pm25PA 
42A31LABAR, Jane Mf22PA 
42A41LABAR, Margaret Cf17PA 
42A51GILBERT, Peterm27NY 
42A62COURTRIGHT, George Lm52PA 
42A72COURTRIGHT, Jemimaf50NY 
42A82COURTRIGHT, Albertm22PA 
42A92COURTRIGHT, Georgem18PA 
42A102COURTRIGHT, Angelinef16PA 
42A112COURTRIGHT, Mariaf14PA 
42A122COURTRIGHT, Harrietf12PA 
42A132COURTRIGHT, Ransomm8PA 
42A142COLE, Augustinem18PA 
42A153SANDS, Decaterm30NY 
42A163SANDS, Bethiaf30PA 
42A173SANDS, George Hm10PA 
42A183SANDS, Zelidaf7PA 
42A193SANDS, Richardm4PA 
42A203SANDS, Comodore Dm9/12PA 
42A214LABAR, Georgem34PApa1860
42A224LABAR, Jerushaf29PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
42A234LABAR, Emalindaf8PApa1860
42A244LABAR, Williamm5PApa1860
42A254LABAR, Jane Mf2PApa1860
42A264GEER, Georgem35PA 
42A275SARINE, Alansonm41NY 
42A285SARINE, Janef39NY 
42A295SARINE, Eliza Jf18NY 
42A305SARINE, Charlesm14NYpa1860
42A315SARINE, Williamm13NYpa1860
42A325SARINE, Jamesm11NY 
42A335SARINE, Maryf8NY 
42A345SARINE, Henrym2NY 
42A356TAYLOR, Johnm32NY 
42A366TAYLOR, Hannahf32NY 
42A376TAYLOR, Lorenzom8NY 
42A386TAYLOR, Elim4NY 
42A396STILSON, Robertm55CT 
42A407STAFFORD, Hiramm32NY 
42A417STAFFORD, Almiraf28PA 
42A427STAFFORD, Minervaf8PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
42B27STAFFORD, Emmaf9/12PA 
42B38MALLORY, Shermanm36NY 
42B48MALLORY, Elizabethf26CT 
42B58MALLORY, Samuelm6PA 
42B68MALLORY, Johnm4PA 
42B78MALLORY, Porterm2PA 
42B89STREM, Charles Gm44Sweden 
42B99STREM, Sarahf38NYpa1860
42B109STREM, Hannah Af1PApa1860
42B1110HUFFMAN, Johnm55NY 
42B1210HUFFMAN, Lucretiaf44PA 
42B1310HUFFMAN, Oscarm9PA 
42B1410SNOW, Carolinef23PA 
42B1511ANDERSON, Johnm32NY 
42B1611ANDERSON, Maryf25PA 
42B1711ANDERSON, Georgem9PA 
42B1811ANDERSON, Harrietf7PA 
42B1911ANDERSON, Janef5PA 
42B2011ANDERSON, Margaretf3PA 
42B2111ANDERSON, Johnm1PA 
42B2211COLE, Irenef17NY 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
42B2312WHITAKER, Squirem50NYpa1860
42B2412WHITAKER, Dorcasf47PApa1860
42B2512WHITAKER, Johnm27PA 
42B2612WHITAKER, Thomasm21PApa1860
42B2712WHITAKER, Hubbardm19PApa1860
42B2812WHITAKER, Aaronm18PA 
42B2912WHITAKER, Stephenm14PApa1860
42B3012WHITAKER, Catherinef16PA 
42B3112WHITAKER, Phebef12PA 
42B3212WHITAKER, Edwardm9PA 
42B3312DOW, Alicef7PA 
42B3413DOW, Lorenzom36MA 
42B3514MALLORY, Thomasm39NY 
42B3614MALLORY, Chastince Df34NY 
42B3714MALLORY, Celinda Of15PA 
42B3814MALLORY, Melissa Jf14PA 
42B3914MALLORY, Adelia Hf13PA 
42B4014MALLORY, Keziah Ef11PA 
42B4114MALLORY, Hester Af9PA 
42B4214MALLORY, Chastince Mf7PA 

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