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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wayne County in the state of Pennsylvania
Preston Township

Page 31

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
31A11LABAR, Williamm36NY 
31A21LABAR, Sarahf34PA 
31A31LABAR, Landsworthm8PA 
31A41LABAR, Ellenf5PA 
31A51LABAR, Lucretia Af2PA 
31A62SPENCER, Jerushaf71CT 
31A72SPENCER, Lucretiaf39CT 
31A82SPENCER, Thomas Rm46CT 
31A92SPENCER, Samuelm26PA 
31A103TULLY, Patrickm48Ireland 
31A113TULLY, Margarettef35PA 
31A123TULLY, Maryf15PA 
31A133TULLY, Jamesm14PA 
31A143TULLY, Johnm7PA 
31A153TULLY, Margarettef9PA 
31A163TULLY, Thomasm5PA 
31A173TULLY, Sarahf1PA 
31A183TULLY, Annf3PA 
31A194MCCOY, Edwardm47PA 
31A204MCCOY, Sarahf47PA 
31A214MCCOY, Jamesm16NY 
31A224MCCOY, Sarahf14NY 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
31A234MCCOY, Henrym10NY 
31A245FLETCHER, Benjaminm67CT 
31A255FLETCHER, Marthaf64MA 
31A265FLETCHER, Clarrissaf17PA 
31A275FLETCHER, Sylvinaf15PA 
31A285FLETCHER, James Mm13PA 
31A295FLETCHER, Edwin Fm10PA 
31A306MCCABE, Hughm23Ireland 
31A316MCCABE, Margarettef22Ireland 
31A326MCCABE, Janef60Ireland 
31A336MCCABE, Jamesm60Ireland 
31A347SHERWOOD, Sybilf27CT 
31A357SHERWOOD, Charles Wm4PA 
31A367SHERWOOD, Amos Om3PA 
31A377SHERWOOD, Ann Af1PA 
31A388STONE, Hosmerm26CT 
31A398STONE, Patiencef20PA 
31A409MONROE, Charlesm40MA 
31A419MONROE, Philindaf35PA 
31A429MONROE, Charles Hm16PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
31B19MONROE, Polly Bf13PA 
31B29MONROE, Tryphena Ef6PA 
31B39MONROE, Martha Af3PA 
31B49MONROE, Eleazer Jm1PApa1860
31B510MCKENNER, Jamesm30Ireland 
31B610MCKENNER, Rosannaf24Ireland 
31B710MCKENNER, Mary Af5PA 
31B810MCKENNER, Catharinef3PA 
31B910MCKENNER, Thomasm1PA 
31B1011SHERWOOD, Munsonm26CT 
31B1111SHERWOOD, Harrietf26NY 
31B1211SHERWOOD, Jennetf5PA 
31B1311SHERWOOD, Betsyf3PA 
31B1411SHERWOOD, Mariaf1PA 
31B1511CLARK, Johnm30NY 
31B1612MONROE, Catharinef41PA 
31B1712MONROE, Ellenf16PA 
31B1812MONROE, Eleazer Jm11PA 
31B1912MONROE, Jonathan Wm7PA 
31B2013MCCRESON, Jamesm58Ireland 
31B2113MCCRESON, Nancyf58Ireland 
31B2213MCCRESON, Johnm17Ireland 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
31B2313MCCRESON, Michaelm14Ireland 
31B2414BLOOMER, Georgem57Ireland 
31B2514BLOOMER, Annf58Ireland 
31B2614BLOOMER, Johnm27Ireland 
31B2714BLOOMER, Catharinef20Ireland 
31B2814BLOOMER, Davidm19Ireland 
31B2914MCCALL, Andrewm26Ireland 
31B3015BLOOMER, Jamesm26Ireland 
31B3115BLOOMER, Margarettef25Ireland 
31B3215BLOOMER, Maryf4NY 
31B3315BLOOMER, Catharinef1PA 
31B3416RILEY, Corneliusm42Ireland 
31B3516RILEY, Sarahf33Ireland 
31B3616RILEY, Thomasm15PA 
31B3716RILEY, Johnm13PA 
31B3816RILEY, Jamesm11PA 
31B3916RILEY, Ellenf9PA 
31B4016RILEY, Maryf7PA 
31B4116RILEY, Bernardm5PA 
31B4216RILEY, Corneliusm4PA 

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