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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wayne County in the state of Pennsylvania
Honesdale Borough

Page 246

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
246A11WEST, J Dm30NY 
246A21WEST, Harriet Jf23PA 
246A31WEST, Benjamin Rm3PA 
246A41GILLASPIE, Ellenf24Ireland 
246A51INWOOD, Wllizabethf13NY 
246A62ROWLAND, Henry Am34CT 
246A72ROWLAND, Harriet Ef39NY 
246A82ROWLAND, Francis Bf15NY 
246A92ROWLAND, Anna Ff12NY 
246A102ROWLAND, Mary Wf10NY 
246A112ROWLAND, Jane Hf7NY 
246A122ROWLAND, Caroline Wf5PA 
246A132ROWLAND, Henry Am1PA 
246A142CARROLL, Janef16Ireland 
246A153BEUS, Nathanielm58NJ 
246A163BEUS, Sareplaf54NJ 
246A173BEUS, Elias Tm33NJ 
246A183BEUS, Harrietf35NJ 
246A193BEUS, Ulysses Fm8PA 
246A203BEUS, Susan Ff5PA 
246A213BEUS, Harriet Af3PA 
246A223BALL, Chs Mm19NJ 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
246A233KRANCE, Johnm26NJ 
246A243CANARAN, Annf20Ireland 
246A254PATMOR, Elkanehm44NY 
246A264PATMOR, Adeline Ef33PA 
246A274PATMOR, May Lf15PA 
246A284PATMOR, Emma Mf6PA 
246A294PATMOR, Joana Lf4PA 
246A304PATMOR, Anna Ef2PA 
246A314CONLEY, Mezhiasm16NY 
246A324SICEN, Georgem20NY 
246A334BRANMEL, Maryf23Ireland 
246A345TARBOX, Dandam63CT 
246A355TARBOX, Maryf57CT 
246A365TARBOX, Elizabethf35CT 
246A375FLEINLY, Ellenf26Ireland 
246A386OAKS, John Cm22NJ 
246A396OAKS, Elizabethf20PA 
246A406OAKS, George Wm15NY 
246A416BLACKINGTON, Davidm77MA 
246A426SOLOMONS, Benjaminm56NY 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
246B17BLACKINGTON, James Mm50MA 
246B27BLACKINGTON, Purlinaf50NY 
246B37BLACKINGTON, Adalinef18PA 
246B47BLACKINGTON, Polly Af13PA 
246B57KINGSBURY, Alanein Bm30NY 
246B67KINGSBURY, Franics Mf20PA 
246B78FOSTER, Atwellm40CT 
246B88FOSTER, Elizabeth Lf30CT 
246B98BRUCE, Heziakiahm26CT 
246B108BRUCE, Abbeyf22CT 
246B118WAKEMAN, Margaretf18Germany 
246B128HERTMAIN, Henriettaf17Germany 
246B138FORSAW, Johnm15Germany 
246B149WEAVER, Wmm27Germany 
246B159WEAVER, Maryf24Germany 
246B169WEAVER, Georgem1PA 
246B1710THOMAS, Johnm39Germany 
246B1810THOMAS, Margretf37Germany 
246B1911GENNOCH, Peterm40Germany 
246B2011GENNOCH, Margretf37Germany 
246B2111GENNOCH, Maryf5NY 
246B2211GENNOCH, Polly Bf3PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
246B2311GENNOCH, Johnm1PA 
246B2411SCHETTS, Lewism40Germany 
246B2511POWAL, Peterm22Germany 
246B2611WILEDAR, Jacobm55Germany 
246B2711CARN, Francism25Germany 
246B2812CASKER, Phillipm24Germany 
246B2912CASKER, Barbayf27Germany 
246B3013WIGEN, Michaelm38Germany 
246B3113WIGEN, Rosef43Germany 
246B3213WIGEN, Johnm10Germany 
246B3313WIGEN, Michaelm8Germany 
246B3413WIGEN, Barbaryf1PA 
246B3514NOAH, Frederickm39Germany 
246B3614NOAH, Maryf42Germany 
246B3714NOAH, Elizabethf13Germany 
246B3814NOAH, Gerogem3NY 
246B3915FOWSER, Johnm44Germany 
246B4015FOWSER, Elizaf64Germany 
246B4115FOWSER, Martyf16Germany 
246B4215FOWSER, Johnm15Germany 

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