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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wayne County in the state of Pennsylvania
Bethany Township

Page 242

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
242A11OLMSTED, Osbornm64CTpa1860
242A21OLMSTED, Violettaf64CTpa1860
242A31OLMSTED, Harrietf30NYpa1860
242A41OLMSTED, Annaf21PA 
242A51OLMSTED, Osborn Rm19PA 
242A61OLMSTED, Hellen Mf16PA 
242A71OLMSTED, Miron Rm11PA 
242A82TUTTLE, John Gm35CTpa1860
242A92TUTTLE, Ameliaf34CTpa1860
242A102TUTTLE, Johnm12CTpa1860
242A112TUTTLE, Juliaf11PA 
242A122TUTTLE, Elizaf8PA 
242A132TUTTLE, Francisf5PApa1860
242A143COCKER, Johnm30England 
242A153COCKER, Annf32England 
242A163COCKER, Maryf5England 
242A173COCKER, Wmm1/12PA 
242A183HATFIELD, Elijahm32England 
242A194VADAKIN, Iram31PA 
242A204VADAKIN, Hannah Mf26PA 
242A214VADAKIN, Elenf5PA 
242A224VADAKIN, Emelyf5PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
242A234VADAKIN, Ashailm2PA 
242A245GRAVES, Maryf41NY 
242A255GRAVES, Elisabethf13NY 
242A265GRAVES, Maryf1PA 
242A276JAY, Chsm29England 
242A286JAY, Annf26England 
242A296JAY, Annf6England 
242A306JAY, Elenf3England 
242A316JAY, Josephm6/12PA 
242A327PERRY, Johnm39England 
242A337PERRY, Annf36England 
242A348HAMLIN, Ephraimm47PApa1860
242A358HAMLIN, Damarus Ff46NJpa1860
242A368HAMLIN, Edward Om21PA 
242A378SIMPSON, Mary Ef17PA 
242A388AMES, Adisonm12PA 
242A398CURTIS, Milom20PA 
242A409HALL, Oranm43CT 
242A419HALL, Juliaf36NYpa1860
242A429HALL, Williamm15PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
242B110TAYLOR, Alexrm29Scotland 
242B210TAYLOR, Agnessf25Scotland 
242B310TAYLOR, Alexr Jrm6NY 
242B411LAVO, Brooksm44NY 
242B511LAVO, Eunicef40PA 
242B611LAVO, Barthenaf16PA 
242B711LAVO, Malvinaf14PApa1860
242B811LAVO, Mortimerm12PApa1900
242B911LAVO, Maryf10PA 
242B1011LAVO, Henrym8PA 
242B1111LAVO, Sarahf5PA 
242B1211LAVO, Henrytta ?f3PA 
242B1311LAVO, Elisabethf3/12PA 
242B1412HACKER, Johnm70England 
242B1512HACKER, Gracef68England 
242B1613TORPYN, Pollyf33PA 
242B1713TORPYN, Leonard Gm8PApa1860
242B1813TORPYN, Mary Bf2PA 
242B1914ANNGIS, Johnm37England 
242B2014ANNGIS, Elisabethf31England 
242B2114ANNGIS, Janef9England 
242B2214ANNGIS, Elisabethf4England 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
242B2314ANNGIS, Mellenm3England 
242B2415BONE, Wmm22England 
242B2515BONE, Mary Af29England 
242B2615BONE, Juliusm19England 
242B2716EBLER, Johnm32Germany 
242B2816EBLER, Maryf28Germany 
242B2916EBLER, Johnm7Germany 
242B3016EBLER, Elisaf2NY 
242B3117HILL, Johnm27Germany 
242B3217HILL, Elisabethf57Germany 
242B3317HILL, Adamm25Germany 
242B3417HILL, Nicholasm18Germany 
242B3518KETCHUM, Levim60CTpa1860
242B3618KETCHUM, Mary Jf49NJpa1860
242B3718KETCHUM, Mary Af24NJ 
242B3818KETCHUM, Laurencem21PApa1860
242B3918KETCHUM, Wmm19PApa1860
242B4018KETCHUM, Eliza Jf16PA 
242B4119REED, Edmondm46CT 
242B4219REED, Amandaf43MA 

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