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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wayne County in the state of Pennsylvania
Prompton Township

Page 238

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
238A11JENKINS, Benjaminm84MA 
238A21JENKINS, Elizabethf81NY 
238A31JENKINS, Edwardm45CT 
238A41DAVIS, Louisaf47CT 
238A51BARTLETT, Asam24PA 
238A61DAVIS, Georgem20PA 
238A71COBB, M Hm22CT 
238A81COBB, Amandaf25PA 
238A92BENEDICT, Seth Cm46NY 
238A102BENEDICT, Maryf46CT 
238A112BENEDICT, Hariettf20NY 
238A122BENEDICT, Frederickm15PA 
238A133TIFFANY, Horace Mm23PA 
238A143TIFFANY, Maryf20PA 
238A154HALL, George Wm37CTpa1860
238A164HALL, Abigal Hf34NY 
238A174HALL, Chsm8PApa1860
238A184HALL, Artherm1PApa1860
238A194REEVES, Maryf38NY 
238A205BATA, N Wm25PA 
238A215BATA, Jane Af21NY 
238A225BATA, Ameliaf3PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
238A235BATA, Isabellf2PA 
238A246HALL, N Am31NY 
238A256HALL, Roxy Of28NY 
238A266HALL, George Wm7PA 
238A276HALL, Andrew Cm4PA 
238A286HALL, Alma Of1PA 
238A296BECKWITH, Hannahf59NY 
238A306MCCUT, Martinm18Ireland 
238A317JENKINS, Johnm42CT 
238A327JENKINS, Jane Cf31CTpa1860
238A337JENKINS, Wmm3PApa1860
238A347GRAVES, Edwinm10PA 
238A358EDGETT, Davidm45NY 
238A368EDGETT, Betseyf45NYpa1860
238A378EDGETT, Lewes Cm17PA 
238A388EDGETT, Mary Af15PApa1860
238A399JENKINS, Benjamin Srm53CTpa1860
238A409JENKINS, Pollyf53MApa1860
238A419JENKINS, Jamesm27PA 
238A429JENKINS, Maryf22PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
238B19JENKINS, Johnm12PA 
238B210SHINER, Porterm39NY 
238B310SHINER, Emelyf28NY 
238B410SHINER, Chs Wm11PA 
238B511PAYNE, Homerm30NY 
238B611PAYNE, Louisaf30NY 
238B711PAYNE, Wm Am10PA 
238B811PAYNE, Homer Lm8PA 
238B911PAYNE, Samuel Cm6PA 
238B1011PAYNE, Jane Af3PA 
238B1111PAYNE, Wallace Lm11/12PA 
238B1212HAYDEN, Sarahf65MA 
238B1312HAYDEN, Sheridonm25PA 
238B1412AMES, Lucyf38CT 
238B1512AMES, Moses Hm10PA 
238B1612AMES, Adeliaf3PA 
238B1713STANTON, Austinm31PA 
238B1813STANTON, Armeniaf24PA 
238B1913STANTON, Rufus Em4PA 
238B2013HACKER, Johnm24England 
238B2113GRINES, Johnm22PA 
238B2214PAYNE, Wmm42NY 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
238B2314PAYNE, Maryf22PA 
238B2414PAYNE, Emelinef2/12PA 
238B2514HONOTEL, Peterm20Germany 
238B2614WEEDS, Harietf16PA 
238B2715DIMOCK, Georgem28PA 
238B2815DIMOCK, Sarahf28NJpa1860
238B2915DIMOCK, Benj Jm5PApa1860
238B3015DIMOCK, Wm Wm3PApa1860
238B3115DIMOCK, Mary Lf8/12PApa1860
238B3216HOPKINS, Jas Dm22PA 
238B3316HOPKINS, Elizabethf18England 
238B3416HOPKINS, Malissaf4/12PA 
238B3517MILLS, Ebenezer Hm43NY 
238B3617MILLS, Rebeccaf42NY 
238B3717MILLS, Josiahm17NY 
238B3817MILLS, Elmiraf11PA 
238B3917MCLAUGHLIN, Josephm21NY 
238B4017STEWART, Eugenem27PA 
238B4118RIAN, Michaelm30Ireland 
238B4218RIAN, Bridgettf26Ireland 

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