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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wayne County in the state of Pennsylvania
Clinton Township

Page 197

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
197A11ROBANDS, Robertm47England 
197A21ROBANDS, Margretef45England 
197A32PIERCE, Thsm45England 
197A42PIERCE, Annf33England 
197A52PIERCE, R Tm9England 
197A62PIERCE, Jno Hm5England 
197A72PIERCE, Geo Hm2PA 
197A82PICK, Rebeccaf58England 
197A93PIERCE, Inesm54England 
197A103PIERCE, Susanf41England 
197A113PIERCE, Ths Jm17PA 
197A123PIERCE, M Af15PA 
197A133PIERCE, J Cm13PA 
197A143PIERCE, S Jf12PA 
197A153PIERCE, D Bm11PA 
197A163PIERCE, Elizabethf8PA 
197A173PIERCE, M Hm4PA 
197A183PIERCE, M Mf1PA 
197A194MCGORVIN, Timothym40Ireland 
197A204MCGORVIN, Anaf35Ireland 
197A214MCGORVIN, Johnm13Ireland 
197A224MCGORVIN, Ann ?f11PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
197A244MCGORVIN, Ellenf6PA 
197A254MCGORVIN, Annf3PA 
197A264MCGORVIN, Catharinf2PA 
197A274MCGORVIN, Mariahf2/12PA 
197A285TROOP, Ruphus Bm50NY 
197A296MCCANTON, Michaelm48Ireland 
197A306MCCANTON, Catharinf43Ireland 
197A316MCCANTON, B Af17NY 
197A326MCCANTON, Johnm12NY 
197A336MCCANTON, Michaelm7PA 
197A347BURNES, Georgem54NY 
197A357BURNES, Janef52NY 
197A367BURNES, Amasam28NY 
197A377BURNES, Jamesm28NY 
197A387BURNES, Iram23NY 
197A397BURNES, R Jf20NY 
197A407BURNES, Sarah Df18NY 
197A417BURNES, E Af15NY 
197A427BURNES, Mary Ef13NY 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
197B17BURNES, Harriet Ef11NY 
197B27BURNES, Georgem8PA 
197B38HAYDEN, Jessem47PA 
197B48HAYDEN, Elizabethf35PA 
197B58HAYDEN, Johnm17PA 
197B68HAYDEN, Iram14PA 
197B78HAYDEN, Sally Af11PA 
197B88HAYDEN, Jamesm9PA 
197B98HAYDEN, Mary Jf7PA 
197B108HAYDEN, Emaline Af4PA 
197B119OGDEN, Wmm25PA 
197B129OGDEN, Maryf26PA 
197B139OGDEN, Emalinef8/12PA 
197B149OGDEN, Adalinef8/12PA 
197B1510DOLPH, Johnm26PA 
197B1610DOLPH, E Af23PA 
197B1710DOLPH, Mary Jf1PA 
197B1810SCULL, R***m10PA 
197B1911BUCKLIN, Lymanm41CT 
197B2011BUCKLIN, Phebe Mf41NJ 
197B2111BUCKLIN, Jno Hm15PA 
197B2211BUCKLIN, C Mf10PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
197B2311BUCKLIN, S Em5PA 
197B2412MIDDLETON, Stephenm49Ireland 
197B2512MIDDLETON, Leoinef49Ireland 
197B2612MIDDLETON, Maryf11PA 
197B2712MIDDLETON, Thsm7PA 
197B2813TENNANT, Chs Tm73CT 
197B2913TENNANT, Elizabethf52France 
197B3013TENNANT, M Af17PA 
197B3113PECK, Alonzom16PA 
197B3214CRAVEN, Danm43Ireland 
197B3314CRAVEN, Juliaf23Ireland 
197B3414CRAVEN, Bridgetf5PA 
197B3514CRAVEN, Maryf3PA 
197B3614CRAVEN, Thsm2PA 
197B3714CRAVEN, Elizabethf2/12PA 
197B3815MCCONNOR, Jamesm45Ireland 
197B3915MCCONNOR, Margretaf43Ireland 
197B4015MCCONNOR, Jamesm16NY 
197B4115MCCONNOR, Catharinef14NY 
197B4215MCCONNOR, Johnm12NY 

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