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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wayne County in the state of Pennsylvania
Dyberry Township

Page 187

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
187A11REED, Ethelm61CT 
187A21REED, Sarah ?f53MApa1860
187A31REED, Maude Mf26CT 
187A41REED, Harriet Wf18CT 
187A51REED, Jas S ?m16PA 
187A61REED, Wm Rm13PApa1860
187A72BUSHNELL, Sidneym31PApa1860
187A82BUSHNELL, Carolinef29NY 
187A93BROOKS, Ma??? Em35VTpa1860
187A103BROOKS, Eliraf25England 
187A113BROOKS, Josephine Af3PApa1860
187A123BROOKS, Edwin Em1PApa1860
187A133DAVIDSON, Juliaf21Ireland 
187A143TOADISH, Chsm20Germany 
187A154AIDONIS, Wmm36MD 
187A164AIDONIS, Elizabethf24PA ? 
187A175BARNES, Edwardm32PApa1860
187A185BARNES, Sarah Ff32NYpa1860
187A195BARNES, Mariat Af11PA 
187A205BARNES, Melville Dm4PApa1860
187A215BARNES, Geo Dm1PApa1860
187A226OWEN, Johnm34England 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
187A236OWEN, Amanda Pf34NY 
187A246OWEN, Arah Annf14PA 
187A256OWEN, Malissaf6PA 
187A266OWEN, Olivef4PA 
187A276OWEN, Albertm3PA 
187A286OWEN, Alfredm5/12PA 
187A297BUTLER, Hezekiahm50CT 
187A307BUTLER, Amelia Wf49CT 
187A317BUTLER, Edward Pm16PA 
187A327BUTLER, Mary Ef14PA 
187A338MARSH, Ebenezer Lm39NY 
187A348MARSH, Dollyf38MY 
187A358MARSH, Almond Vm17PA 
187A368MARSH, Emelius Tm10PA 
187A378MARSH, Laura Ef8PA 
187A389SMITH, John Mm39NY 
187A399SMITH, Hannahf29NY 
187A409SMITH, Euphamaf5PA 
187A419SMITH, Malissaf4PA 
187A429SMITH, Minervaf3PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
187B110HOWELL, Elizaf39NY 
187B210CAMP, Calebm32Jersey 
187B310CAMP, Susanf30Jersey 
187B410CAMP, Henry Mm4PA 
187B510SILES, Eliasm23NY 
187B610ROBERSON, Maryf17England 
187B711GLEASON, Limanm32NYpa1860
187B811GLEASON, Lephaf33MApa1860
187B911GLEASON, Martha Df5PApa1860
187B1011GLEASON, Cemina Df3PApa1860
187B1111GLEASON, Joseph Lm1PA 
187B1212GLEASON, Josephm57VTpa1860
187B1312GLEASON, Sophia Of50MApa1860
187B1412GLEASON, William Fm19NYpa1860
187B1512GLEASON, Alvan Cm16PA 
187B1612GLEASON, Wilson Bm10PA 
187B1713BATES, Stephenm37England 
187B1813BATES, Elizabethf32NY 
187B1913BATES, Corneliusm13NY 
187B2013BATES, Catherinef5PA 
187B2114BATES, Francism32England 
187B2214BATES, Mariahf28England 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
187B2314BATES, Wmm9England 
187B2414BATES, Adeliaf7England 
187B2514BATES, Albertm6England 
187B2614BATES, Gilbertm5England 
187B2714BATES, Nelson Sm3England 
187B2814BATES, Sarah Tf1England 
187B2915BATES, Robertm25England 
187B3015BATES, Prudencef29England 
187B3115BATES, Wm Hm6PA 
187B3215BATES, Elizabeth Af5PA 
187B3315BATES, Thos Jm3PA 
187B3415BATES, Marthaf1PA 
187B3516BATES, Francism35England 
187B3616BATES, Elizabethf28England 
187B3716BATES, Elizabeth Af6PA 
187B3816BATES, Sarah Jf4PA 
187B3916BATES, Mary Af1PA 
187B4016BATES, Francism1PA 
187B4117BATES, Johnm44England 
187B4217BATES, Emelinf37PA 

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