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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wayne County in the state of Pennsylvania
Cherry Ridge Township

Page 179

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
179A11BRADY, Johnm40Ireland 
179A21BRADY, Ellenf30Ireland 
179A31BRADY, Jamesm11Ireland 
179A41BRADY, Ronif9Ireland 
179A51BRADY, Johnm11/12PA 
179A62BRADY, Barneym41Ireland 
179A72BRADY, Maryf26Ireland 
179A82BRADY, Mary Af1PA 
179A93BRADY, Patm35Ireland 
179A103BRADY, Margaretf20Ireland 
179A114BRINK, Richdm37Ireland 
179A124BRINK, Maryf29Ireland 
179A134BRINK, Jms B ??m6PA 
179A144BRINK, Fl*** ?m3PA 
179A154BRINK, Mary If2PA 
179A165BULL, Milom40NY 
179A175BULL, Belindaf40NY 
179A185BULL, Samlm21NY 
179A195BULL, Ernt Gm11NY 
179A205BULL, Jemimaf9NY 
179A216MURRY, Edwardm56Ireland 
179A226MURRY, Maryf44Ireland 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
179A236MURRY, H P?m22Ireland 
179A246MURRY, An**** ?f15Ireland 
179A256MURRY, Edwardm11NY 
179A266MURRY, Mary Ef9NY 
179A277SCHANK, Hram ?m30NJ 
179A287SCHANK, Jane Ef23England 
179A297SCHANK, Emmaf3PA 
179A307OLVER, Johnm17PA 
179A318CUSTER, Danielm40Ireland 
179A328CUSTER, Catherinef40Ireland 
179A338CUSTER, Ellenf15Ireland 
179A348CUSTER, Catherinef12KY 
179A358CUSTER, Timothym7PA 
179A368CUSTER, Timothym50Ireland 
179A379BAKER, Lisym41NJ 
179A389BAKER, Lizzie ??f39NJ 
179A399BAKER, Johnm16NJ 
179A409BAKER, Ada Annf14NJ 
179A419BAKER, Wmm13NJ 
179A429BAKER, Margret If9NJ 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
179B19KEEF, Danlm6PA 
179B29KEEF, Thm4PA 
179B39KEEF, Michaelm2PA 
179B49KEEF, Isandraf3/12PA 
179B510COLLINS, D T?m49PA 
179B610COLLINS, Eliztf42PA 
179B710COLLINS, Marie L ?f15PA 
179B810COLLINS, Sophia Af10PA 
179B910COLLINS, Phloma Yf8PA 
179B1010EARLY, Johnm20PA 
179B1111HELMS, Saml Hm47PA 
179B1211HELMS, Harrietf49PA 
179B1311HELMS, Abinteen ?f7PA 
179B1411COALMAN, Wmm28PA 
179B1511COLLINS, Julia Af15Ireland 
179B1612ORVIN, Wmm28NY 
179B1712ORVIN, Almedaf30NY 
179B1812ORVIN, Gab H ?m7NY 
179B1912ORVIN, Clarinda Af2NY 
179B2012ORVIN, Alvin Dm2/12PA 
179B2113TERNBECK, Lewism34Germany 
179B2213TERNBECK, Josephf28Germany 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
179B2313TERNBECK, Lewism1/12PA 
179B2414BUCKLY, Johnm35Ireland 
179B2514BUCKLY, Elenf30Ireland 
179B2614BUCKLY, Michaelm25Ireland 
179B2714SULLIVAN, Danielm20Ireland 
179B2815COLLINS, Michaelm48Ireland 
179B2915COLLINS, Margrettf40Ireland 
179B3015COLLINS, Catharinf13Ireland 
179B3115COLLINS, Hannahf11Ireland 
179B3215COLLINS, Humphreym8PA 
179B3315COLLINS, Johnm5PA 
179B3415COLLINS, Thom1PA 
179B3515BUCKLY, Johnm80Ireland 
179B3615BUCKLY, Simonm30Ireland 
179B3715BUCKLY, Davidm24Ireland 
179B3816BUCKLY, Johnm40Ireland 
179B3916BUCKLY, Juliaf35Ireland 
179B4016BUCKLY, Catharinef7PA 
179B4116BUCKLY, Maryf6PA 
179B4216BUCKLY, Johnm4PA 

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