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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wayne County in the state of Pennsylvania
Berlin Township

Page 169

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
169A11JANES, Jamesm29NY 
169A21JANES, Sallyf19PA 
169A31JANES, Lf14PA 
169A41JANES, Yubahf11PA 
169A51JANES, Eunicef9PA 
169A61JANES, Sethm24PA 
169A71JANES, Georgem17PA 
169A81ZISPROPY, Iram21PA 
169A92OSIMRELL, Jonathanm30PA 
169A102OSIMRELL, Abigalf26PA 
169A112OSIMRELL, Maryf5PA 
169A122OSIMRELL, Cla*****m4PA 
169A132OSIMRELL, Sarahf1PA 
169A142SILSBY, Adeliaf18NY 
169A153MUNCY, Eliasm41NJ 
169A163MUNCY, Annf35PA 
169A173MUNCY, Carlinef14PA 
169A183MUNCY, Lewis Cm1PA 
169A194BISHOP, Hiramm58PA 
169A204BISHOP, Annf56NJ 
169A214BISHOP, Johnm27PA 
169A224BISHOP, Annf23PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
169A234BISHOP, Hiramm19PA 
169A244BISHOP, Catherinef14PA 
169A254COMPTON, Susanf1PA 
169A265DINEMAN, Alfredm36PA 
169A275DINEMAN, Maryf32England 
169A285DINEMAN, Edmondm7PA 
169A295DINEMAN, James Nm5PA 
169A305DINEMAN, Royal Em1PA 
169A315WILLIAMS, Jamesm24England 
169A326VENDERMAN, Abrahamm38NY 
169A336VENDERMAN, Elizabethf36NJ 
169A346VENDERMAN, William Wm18NJ 
169A356VENDERMAN, John Vm16NJ 
169A366VENDERMAN, Ralphm14NY 
169A376VENDERMAN, Iram13NY 
169A386VENDERMAN, Ily Ann Vf11NJ 
169A396VENDERMAN, James Cm9NJ 
169A406VENDERMAN, Charlesm7PA 
169A416VENDERMAN, Eunicef5PA 
169A426VENDERMAN, Elizabethf4PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
169B17FRANCIS, Jamesm26PA 
169B27FRANCIS, Abigalf22NY 
169B37FRANCIS, Harriet Af1PA 
169B48KILLAM, Aaron Bm31PA 
169B58KILLAM, Emelinef24PA 
169B69LEONARD, Johnm43MA 
169B79LEONARD, Eunicef40PA 
169B89LEONARD, Annf10PA 
169B99LEONARD, Hermanm9PA 
169B109LEONARD, Rebeccaf75CT 
169B119BROWLAND, Leonardm19NY 
169B129HIGLAND, Martinm24NJ 
169B139BUCKHAM, Elizabethf22England 
169B1410CONKLIN, Johnm29PA 
169B1510CONKLIN, Yulyf27PA 
169B1610CONKLIN, Fannyf5PA 
169B1711BISHOP, Henrym50NY 
169B1811BISHOP, Sallyf40PA 
169B1911BISHOP, Henrym22PA 
169B2011BISHOP, Iram19PA 
169B2111BISHOP, Hiram Mm16PA 
169B2211BISHOP, Esterf13PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
169B2311BISHOP, Theodociaf12PA 
169B2411BISHOP, Ameliaf8PA 
169B2512KILLAM, Mosesm27PA 
169B2612KILLAM, Annf26PA 
169B2713BISHOP, Jacobm48PA 
169B2813BISHOP, Betsyf44PA 
169B2913BISHOP, Lucyf23PA 
169B3013BISHOP, Stephenm21PA 
169B3113BISHOP, Harveym20PA 
169B3213BISHOP, Georgem18PA 
169B3313BISHOP, Josephm16PA 
169B3413BISHOP, Harrietf13PA 
169B3513BISHOP, Sarah Ff10PA 
169B3613BISHOP, Catherinef8PA 
169B3713BISHOP, Johnm5PA 
169B3813BISHOP, Ezram3PA 
169B3914WADEMAN, Danielm46PA 
169B4014WADEMAN, Welthaf51NY 
169B4114WADEMAN, John Pm18PA 
169B4214WADEMAN, Moxya ?f14PA 

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