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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wayne County in the state of Pennsylvania
Salem Township

Page 151

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
151A11HARFORD, Edmundm63MA 
151A21HARFORD, Susanf63Ireland 
151A31DOBSON, Sallyf33PA 
151A41DOBSON, Elizaf28PA 
151A51HARFORD, Thomasm21PA 
151A62PEET, Chasm57CT 
151A72PEET, Annf46PA 
151A82PEET, Daniel Nm14PA 
151A92PEET, Elminhaf9PA 
151A102PEET, Carolinef6PA 
151A112PEET, Georgiannaf3PA 
151A123WOODINGS, Wmm57CT 
151A133WOODINGS, Almiraf56CT 
151A144SMITH, Johnm25CT 
151A154SMITH, Nancyf22PA 
151A164SMITH, Herschelm13/12PA 
151A175OUSTRANDER, Danielm27PA 
151A185OUSTRANDER, Rachelf24PA 
151A195OUSTRANDER, Frances Ef2PA 
151A205TREADWELL, Benjaminm25PA 
151A215TREADWELL, Perlinhaf17PA 
151A225BEIDLER, Elizaf18PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
151A235RUAMU ?, J Tm30PA 
151A246WALKER, Georgem26PA 
151A256WALKER, E Mf24PA 
151A266WALKER, Chas Mm4PA 
151A276WALKER, Luellaf2PA 
151A287WALKER, A Bm24NY 
151A297WALKER, Laurief25PA 
151A307WALKER, V Vf4/12PA 
151A317WALKER, Iram12PA 
151A327COBB, Cyprianm24PA 
151A338RAYMOND, Johnm55NY 
151A348RAYMOND, Elizabethf50PA 
151A358VAN GILDER, Maryf10PA 
151A369STONE, Ira Bm37PA 
151A379STONE, Contentf34PA 
151A389STONE, Susan Af14PA 
151A399STONE, Helinaf10PA 
151A409STONE, Laura Ef9PA 
151A4110TOLLEY ?, Amosm34PA 
151A4210TOLLEY ?, Mary Jf32PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
151B110TOLLEY ?, Elbertm10PA 
151B210TOLLEY ?, Evalinef8PA 
151B310TOLLEY ?, Harrietf6PA 
151B410TOLLEY ?, Sophiaf4PA 
151B511WRIGHT, Erastusm54MA 
151B611WRIGHT, Francesf21PA 
151B711WRIGHT, John Bm13PA 
151B812RAYMOND, Albert Rm39NY 
151B912RAYMOND, Mary Lf23PA 
151B1013RAYMOND, Sanfordm40PA 
151B1113RAYMOND, Sarahf24PA 
151B1213RAYMOND, Ebenezer Mm50CT 
151B1314AVERY, Alexanderm45CT 
151B1414AVERY, Alicef37PA 
151B1514AVERY, Rosalinef15PA 
151B1614AVERY, Phineas Cm11PA 
151B1714AVERY, Alice Af9PA 
151B1814AVERY, Cyrus Mm7PA 
151B1914AVERY, Minoz Mm5PA 
151B2015CHAPMAN, Ralphm22CT 
151B2115CHAPMAN, Orlandom24CT 
151B2216WESTON, Sutherm58CT 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
151B2316WESTON, Luraf50CT 
151B2416COLLINS, Julia Annf19PA 
151B2516COLLINS, Hannahf16PA 
151B2616COOK, Thomasm30England 
151B2717CHAPMAN, Owenm41CT 
151B2817CHAPMAN, Charlottef41CT 
151B2917CHAPMAN, Watson Bm13CT 
151B3017CHAPMAN, Elizabethf11CT 
151B3117CHAPMAN, Martha If9PA 
151B3218POTTER, Enos Jrm23CT 
151B3318POTTER, Matildaf22PA 
151B3418POTTER, Gibsonm8/12PA 
151B3519EDWARDS, Johnm23PA 
151B3619EDWARDS, Mariaf21PA 
151B3720BLAKE, Edwin Em26PA 
151B3820BLAKE, Sarah Ef26CT 
151B3920WOODRUFF, Lymanm6PA 
151B4021BLOOD, Nathanm43MA 
151B4121BLOOD, Harrietf39ME 
151B4221BENSON, Thomasm22Ireland 

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