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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wayne County in the state of Pennsylvania
Canaan Township

Page 127

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
127A11SIREH, Philip Wm41NJ 
127A21SIREH, Annf34NJ 
127A31SIREH, Johnm13NJ 
127A41SIREH, Margaretf10PA 
127A51SIREH, Henrym6PA 
127A61SIREH, Spencerm2PA 
127A71FRISBEE, Rhodisf15PA 
127A81FRISBEE, Defoe Bm26PA 
127A92UPRIGHT, Wmm23NY 
127A102UPRIGHT, Drusillaf23PA 
127A112UPRIGHT, Samuelm3PApa1860
127A122UPRIGHT, Albertm1/12PApa1860
127A132UPRIGHT, Aloinm1/12PApa1860
127A143BEERS, Richardm37PA 
127A153BEERS, Maryf26PA 
127A163BEERS, Susanf6PA 
127A173BEERS, Elisham4PA 
127A183BEERS, Stewardm4/12PA 
127A194HETZEL, Jacobm33NJpa1860
127A204HETZEL, Susannaf33NJpa1860
127A214HETZEL, Elizabethf11PApa1860
127A224HETZEL, Johnm9PApa1860
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
127A234HETZEL, Perrym3PApa1860
127A244HETZEL, boym1PA 
127A255BENNET, Johnm26PApa1860
127A265BENNET, N Ef24NY 
127A275BENNET, Robertm7PA 
127A285VAN GUELDA, Amandaf3PA 
127A296MOORE, Jamesm50NYpa1860
127A306MOORE, Eunicef50NYpa1860
127A316MOORE, Janef13NY 
127A326MOORE, Williamm12PA 
127A337BENSON, Shermanm35NY 
127A347BENSON, Janef40NY 
127A357BENSON, Aaronm14CT 
127A367BENSON, Francism8NY 
127A377BENSON, Schuylerm7NY 
127A388SWINGLE, Moses (2nd)m47PApa1860
127A398SWINGLE, Pollyf42PA 
127A408SWINGLE, Lymanm19PApa1860
127A418SWINGLE, Catharinef13PA 
127A428SWINGLE, Susannaf11PApa1860
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
127B18SWINGLE, Jeanettef5PA 
127B29SPRINGER, Mosesm45PA 
127B39SPRINGER, Suzannaf43PA 
127B49SPRINGER, Rebeccaf14PA 
127B59SPRINGER, Maryf8PA 
127B610SWINGLE, Chaunceym23PApa1860
127B710SWINGLE, Elizabethf22PApa1860
127B810SWINGLE, Edgarm1PApa1860
127B911TH0MPSON, Gabrielm53NY 
127B1011TH0MPSON, Ruthf52NY 
127B1111TH0MPSON, Daniel Cm14PA 
127B1211TH0MPSON, Mary Ef10PA 
127B1312SHAFFER, Johnm31PA 
127B1412SHAFFER, Sarah Af30PA 
127B1512SHAFFER, Ezekielm5PA 
127B1612SHAFFER, Maryf15/12PA 
127B1712COBB, Alicef13PA 
127B1813HASHIER, Stephenm56NY 
127B1913HASHIER, Sallyf52PA 
127B2013HASHIER, Elizaf18PA 
127B2113HASHIER, Nancy Jf16PA 
127B2213HASHIER, Henrym13PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
127B2313HASHIER, Harriet Mf11PA 
127B2414SHAFFER, Samuelm60PApa1860
127B2514SHAFFER, Rachelf56MA 
127B2614SHAFFER, Alexanderm20PA 
127B2714SHAFFER, Rachelf18PA 
127B2814SHAFFER, Marthaf17PA 
127B2914WAGNER, Susanf10PA 
127B3015SHAFFER, Abramm25PA 
127B3115SHAFFER, Lydiaf25PA 
127B3215SHAFFER, Samuelm6PApa1860
127B3315SHAFFER, Edgarm4PA 
127B3415SHAFFER, Helenf2PApa1860
127B3515SHAFFER, Abelm4/12PApa1860
127B3616SHAFFER, Josephm24PApa1860
127B3716SHAFFER, Lauraf24PA 
127B3816SHAFFER, Georgem1PA 
127B3917HOEL, Thomasm31NJ 
127B4017HOEL, Malindaf25PA 
127B4117HOEL, Danielm8PA 
127B4217HOEL, Sarahf5PA 

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