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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wayne County in the state of Pennsylvania
Mount Pleasant Township

Page 12

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
12A11WHEELER, Richardm56NY 
12A21WHEELER, Elizabethf44NY 
12A31WHEELER, Danielm17PA 
12A41WHEELER, Dariusm14PA 
12A51WHEELER, Francism10PA 
12A61WHEELER, Maryf4PA 
12A72SIMPSON, Benjaminm27PA 
12A82SIMPSON, Lovinaf21PA 
12A92SIMPSON, Richardm4/12PA 
12A103HACKER, Williamm33England 
12A113HACKER, Annf33Englandpa1860
12A123HACKER, Eliza Annf6PApa1860
12A133HACKER, Davidm4PApa1860
12A143HACKER, Christiana Janef3PApa1860
12A153BINES, Johnm11England 
12A164TERRILL, Joseph Lm49CT 
12A174TERRILL, Lauraf37PA 
12A184TERRILL, Samuelm21NY 
12A194TERRILL, Ruthf13NY 
12A204TERRILL, Oscarm10NY 
12A214TERRILL, Mary Elizaf5NY 
12A224TERRILL, Caroline Af7/12PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
12A234WILEY, Chloef76CT 
12A245BROSS, Williamm26NY 
12A255BROSS, Francesf30NY 
12A265BROSS, Albertm3NY 
12A275BROSS, Phebe Af8/12PA 
12A285BROSS, Margarettaf12NY 
12A296WHITE, Philipm38MApa1860
12A306WHITE, Elizabethf35NYpa1860
12A316WHITE, Hortense Mf7PApa1860
12A326WHITE, Martha Gf5PApa1860
12A336WHITE, Horace Wm2PApa1860
12A347WHITE, Ezekiel Bm38MA 
12A357WHITE, Eliza Jf23NY 
12A367WHITE, Ezekielm83MA 
12A378KELLOGG, Alfredm27PA 
12A388KELLOGG, John Wm25PA 
12A398KELLOGG, Isadore Bf25MA 
12A408KELLOGG, Abigail Jf26PA 
12A419SPAFFORD, Johnm53CTpa1860
12A429SPAFFORD, Jane Gf42CT 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
12B19SPAFFORD, Joseph Bm20CT 
12B29SPAFFORD, Mary Lf16PA 
12B39SPAFFORD, Martha Bf14PA 
12B49SPAFFORD, Harriet Df10PA 
12B59SPAFFORD, Homer Pm8CTpa1860
12B610BONHAM, Abram Nm41PApa1860
12B710BONHAM, Maryf35PApa1860
12B810BONHAM, Georgem18PA 
12B910BONHAM, Laura Ef4PApa1860
12B1010BONHAM, Charles Wm2PApa1860
12B1110BONHAM, Harmonm5/12PA 
12B1211VARCOE, Francism33England 
12B1311VARCOE, Maryf30England 
12B1411VARCOE, Laviniaf2PA 
12B1511VARCOE, Sophiaf1PA 
12B1612TRACY, Calvinm46CTpa1860
12B1712TRACY, Carolinef40MApa1860
12B1812TRACY, Andrewm18PA 
12B1912TRACY, Catherinef16PA 
12B2012TRACY, Elizaf14PA 
12B2112TRACY, Helenf7PApa1860
12B2212TRACY, Henrym6/12PApa1860
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
12B2313TURNER, Jacobusm50NYpa1860
12B2413TURNER, Susanf51NYpa1860
12B2513TURNER, Sarah Jf19NY 
12B2613TURNER, Hannah Lf15NY 
12B2713TURNER, Ruth Af11PApa1860
12B2813TURNER, Cornelius Bm9PA 
12B2914WIHRMAN, Johnm46Germany 
12B3014WIHRMAN, Margarettef44Germany 
12B3114WIHRMAN, Georgem19Germany 
12B3214WIHRMAN, Catherinef13Germany 
12B3314WIHRMAN, Elizaf9Germany 
12B3415SHERWOOD, John Bm32PApa1860
12B3515SHERWOOD, Mary Af29PApa1860
12B3615SHERWOOD, Valeria Jf7PApa1860
12B3715SHERWOOD, Marilla Af3PA 
12B3815SHERWOOD, Loretta Mf1PApa1860
12B3915WOODWARD, Edwinm11PA 
12B4015MCCARTTER, Matthewm19Ireland 
12B4116HAUTMAN, Johnm30Germany 
12B4216HAUTMAN, Barbaryf30Germany 

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