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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wayne County in the state of Pennsylvania
Sterling Township

Page 114

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
114A11MIKSCH, Leninm29PA 
114A21MIKSCH, Magdelenef26Germany 
114A31MIKSCH, Ellenf4PA 
114A41MIKSCH, Harrietf3PA 
114A51MIKSCH, Jacobm1PA 
114A62LONG, Williamm62Germany 
114A72LONG, Annf64Germany 
114A82LONG, Wilhelminaf24Germany 
114A92LONG, Carolinef22Germany 
114A102LONG, Augustusm21Germany 
114A112LONG, Christianm17Germany 
114A122WILY, Ursalaf32Germany 
114A133BENNETT, Jeremiham69CT 
114A143BENNETT, Elizabethf44PA 
114A153BENNETT, John Pm21PA 
114A163BENNETT, Pheniasm14PA 
114A173CLEMENTS, Sarahf30PA 
114A184HOOK, Johnm29PA 
114A194HOOK, Juleyf25Ger 
114A204HOOK, Margaretf5PA 
114A214HOOK, Harrietf3PA 
114A224HOOK, Clarencem2PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
114A235HOOK, Phillipm68Ger 
114A245HOOK, Christinaf69Ger 
114A256BEACH, Isaacm40PA 
114A266BEACH, Elizaf34PA 
114A276BEACH, Benjaminm14PA 
114A286BEACH, Marcy Af12PA 
114A296BEACH, Elizabethf10PA 
114A306BEACH, Almirihaf9PA 
114A316BEACH, Electaf9PA 
114A326BEACH, Harrietf7PA 
114A336BEACH, Elizaf4PA 
114A346BEACH, Hesterf2PA 
114A356BEACH, Oscarm6/12PA 
114A367BEACH, Benjaminm70PA 
114A377BEACH, Elizabethf70PA 
114A387BEACH, Benjaminm29PA 
114A397DUNNING, Augustusm15PA 
114A408ROOTS, Richardm53NJ 
114A418ROOTS, Marcyf49NJ 
114A428WEBSTER, Annf10PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
114B19CARLTON, Thomasm42NH 
114B29CARLTON, Harrietf31PA 
114B39CARLTON, Richardm12PA 
114B49CARLTON, Georgem10PA 
114B59CARLTON, Charlesm8PA 
114B69CARLTON, Thomasm5PA 
114B79CARLTON, Williamm3PA 
114B810SAMPSON, Thomasm22NJ 
114B910SAMPSON, Marcyf25PA 
114B1010SAMPSON, Olivef11/12PA 
114B1111STARNER, Peterm41PA 
114B1211STARNER, Hanahf42PA 
114B1311STARNER, Johnsonm18PA 
114B1411STARNER, Johmandas ?m16PA 
114B1511STARNER, Marcyf15PA 
114B1611STARNER, Samuelm11PA 
114B1711STARNER, Sarahf9PA 
114B1811STARNER, Rubenm7PA 
114B1912CARTER, Johnm30PA 
114B2012CARTER, Carolinef28PA 
114B2112CARTER, Johnm7PA 
114B2212CARTER, Georgem5PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
114B2312CARTER, Samuelm2PA 
114B2413LANCASTER, Richardm50Eng 
114B2513LANCASTER, Francesf51unknown 
114B2613LANCASTER, Franklinm27PA 
114B2713LANCASTER, Marthaf22PA 
114B2813LANCASTER, Christopherm22PA 
114B2913LANCASTER, Charlesm1PA 
114B3013LANCASTER, Hughm25PA 
114B3114WOLF, Christianm33Ger 
114B3214WOLF, Narcila ?f23PA 
114B3314WOLF, Oliverm11PA 
114B3414WOLF, Elizaf7PA 
114B3514WOLF, Leroym1PA 
114B3614WOLF, Elmiraf3/12PA 
114B3715WELLERICK, Ferdinandm33Ger 
114B3815WELLERICK, Louisaf36Ger 
114B3915WELLERICK, Dorothyf7PA 
114B4015WELLERICK, Johsaphinaf5PA 
114B4115WELLERICK, Charlesm2PA 
114B4215LONG, Barbaraf69PA 

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