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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Wayne County in the state of Pennsylvania
Pleasant Mount Borough

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HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
1A11RICHARDSON, Ebenezerm57MApa1860
1A21RICHARDSON, Maryf55MApa1860
1A41RICHARDSON, Oliverm20NY 
1A51RICHARDSON, Marthaf23MApa1860
1A61RICHARDSON, Harrietf18NY 
1A71RICHARDSON, Augustaf14NY 
1A81NOGAR, Mercyf79CT 
1A92STARK, Davidm46PA 
1A102STARK, Julia Annf42NY 
1A112STARK, Emilyf18PA 
1A122STARK, Matildaf16PA 
1A132STARK, Archibaldm12PA 
1A142STARK, Hiramm9PA 
1A152STARK, Gansvoort Mm5PA 
1A162STARK, Maria Af20PA 
1A173ROGERS, Benjamin Fm53CT 
1A183ROGERS, Susanf51NY 
1A193ROGERS, Henry Nm28NY 
1A203ROGERS, Andrew Lm18CT 
1A213CANAAN, Thomasm18Ireland 
1A224ROGERS, Thomas Wm24NY 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
1A234ROGERS, Melvina Af22PA 
1A244MUMFORD, Helen Cf18PA 
1A254JOHNSTON, Frederick Tm18NY 
1A264MOTT, Maryf25Ireland 
1A275CRATER, Johnm62NJ 
1A285CRATER, Elsyf55RI 
1A295CRATER, Eliza Af28PA 
1A305CRATER, Oliver Am23PA 
1A316WRIGHT, Williamm30PApa1860
1A326WRIGHT, Elizabeth Jf29PApa1860
1A336WRIGHT, Homer Tm5PA 
1A346WRIGHT, Edward Am4PApa1860
1A356MALOY, Mary Af17NY 
1A367BASS, Thomas Hm44CTpa1860
1A377BASS, Ann Gf39CTpa1860
1A387BASS, Brooks Am20PA 
1A397BASS, Mary Gf18PA 
1A407BASS, George Am16PA 
1A417BASS, John Fm12PApa1860
1A427BASS, Celia Ff2PApa1860
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
1B18CHITTENDEN, Aaron Dm36PApa1860
1B28CHITTENDEN, Elizaf23Englandpa1860
1B38CHITTENDEN, Ann Ef6/12PApa1860
1B49BENJAMIN, Elsworthm47NYpa1860
1B59BENJAMIN, Maryf47NYpa1860
1B69BENJAMIN, Pameliaf24PA 
1B79BENJAMIN, Louisa Sf21PA 
1B89BENJAMIN, Elsworth Bm15PApa1860
1B910VAILL, George Cm24PA 
1B1010VAILL, Mary Ef21NJ 
1B1110VAILL, William Lm2NJ 
1B1210VAILL, James Lm7/12NJ 
1B1311BROWN, Thomas Hm51CTpa1860
1B1411BROWN, Lucyf49CTpa1860
1B1511BROWN, William Wm19PA 
1B1612BROWN, Henry Wm25PApa1860
1B1712BROWN, Sarahf17NYpa1860
1B1812LANTERMAN, Sophiaf62CT 
1B1912BARRIGER, Almonm19PA 
1B2012WRIGHT, Henry Cm18PA 
1B2113STEVINS, Johnm27England 
1B2213STEVINS, Sallyf30England 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
1B2313STEVINS, Osmondm2PA 
1B2413STEVINS, Lydiaf8/12PA 
1B2513DENNIS, Johnm27England 
1B2614KENNEDY, Jane Gf23PA 
1B2714WRITER, Harley Af20PA 
1B2815ROHNE, Abram Hm51PA 
1B2915ROHNE, Mariaf50PA 
1B3015ROHNE, Elizabethf11PA 
1B3116FRAME, William Cm35Scotland 
1B3216FRAME, Rachelf22NY 
1B3316FRAME, Emmaf6PA 
1B3416FRAME, Alicef5PA 
1B3516SHAW, Johnm24England 
1B3616GRAHAM, Maryf52CT 
1B3717CORRIGAN, Mariaf46Ireland 
1B3817CORRIGAN, Johnm17NJ 
1B3917CORRIGAN, Thomasm13NJ 
1B4017CORRIGAN, Edwardm9NJ 
1B4117CONLY, Maryf40Ireland 
1B4218PECK, George Mm30PA 

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