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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Forest Lake Township

Page 99

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
99A11511ALLEN, Hiramm43NY 
99A21511ALLEN, Adelinef35PA 
99A31511ALLEN, Fannyf12PA 
99A41511ALLEN, Judson Km9PA 
99A51511ALLEN, Melissa Lf5PA 
99A61511ALLEN, Adrien Bm2PA 
99A71511ALLEN, Amy Af2PA 
99A81511ALLEN, Hannahf66NY 
99A91512BREWSTER, Horatiom40PA 
99A101512BREWSTER, Emilyf38NY 
99A111512BREWSTER, Cyrenaf15PA 
99A121512BREWSTER, Asa Gm9PA 
99A131512BREWSTER, Emilyf3PA 
99A141513RHINEVOLT, Johnm65NY 
99A151513RHINEVOLT, Mahalaf61PA 
99A161513RHINEVOLT, Jacksonm21PA 
99A171513RHINEVOLT, Annaf17PA 
99A181513BALL, Clarindaf16PA 
99A191513BALL, Hiramm11PA 
99A201513BALL, Edwardm9PA 
99A211513BALL, Williamm4/12PA 
99A221514CORNELL, Zephaniahm67MA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
99A231514CORNELL, Loisf62MA 
99A241514CORNELL, Willard Wm14PA 
99A251514CORNELL, Elizabeth Pf12PA 
99A261515CAMPBELL, Lewism26PA 
99A271515CAMPBELL, Abigailf22PA 
99A281515CAMPBELL, Lydiaf4PA 
99A291515CAMPBELL, Martinm2PA 
99A301516RHINEVOLT, M Sm27CT 
99A311516RHINEVOLT, Harrietf28PA 
99A321516RHINEVOLT, Asam10PA 
99A331516RHINEVOLT, Phebef8PA 
99A341516RHINEVOLT, Amandaf6PA 
99A351516RHINEVOLT, Johnm4PA 
99A361517WESTON, Wm Hm36NY 
99A371517WESTON, Sophroniaf24NY 
99A381517WESTON, Jamesm5NY 
99A391517WESTON, Jacob Hm3NY 
99A401517WESTON, Eunicef1PA 
99A411518CARR, Anselm35PA 
99A421518CARR, Celindaf36PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
99B11518CARR, Asanethf4PA 
99B21518CARR, Phronissaf2PA 
99B31518CARR, Betsyf2/12PA 
99B41519FISHER, Thosm56VT 
99B51519FISHER, Betsyf44NY 
99B61519FISHER, Georgem19NY 
99B71519FISHER, Johnm17NY 
99B81519FISHER, Josephm15PA 
99B91519FISHER, Charlesm13PA 
99B101519FISHER, Maryf6PA 
99B111519FISHER, Marthaf4PA 
99B121519FISHER, Fredkm3PA 
99B131520LESTER, Orrinm60PA 
99B141520LESTER, Matildaf42VT 
99B151520LESTER, William Hm20VT 
99B161520LESTER, George Am17PA 
99B171520LESTER, Orrin Am10PA 
99B181520LESTER, Harlem Wm7PA 
99B191520LESTER, E Philipm6PA 
99B201520LESTER, Orlandom3PA 
99B211520LESTER, Ruth Ef13PA 
99B221520LESTER, Abby Mf11PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
99B231520LESTER, Nancy Sf15PA 
99B241520LESTER, Franklin Em1PA 
99B251521ROBINSON, Sm73NY 
99B261521ROBINSON, Abbyf73NY 
99B271522ROBINSON, Alvinm55NY 
99B281522ROBINSON, Loisf47NY 
99B291522ROBINSON, Almeidaf18NY 
99B301522ROBINSON, Jamesm13NY 
99B311522ROBINSON, Maryf11NY 
99B321522ROBINSON, Barretm5NY 
99B331523TAYLOR, Dyerm58CT 
99B341523TAYLOR, Lucindaf56CT 
99B351524TAYLOR, G Wmm24PA 
99B361524TAYLOR, Mary Af17PA 
99B371525TAYLOR, Jonathan Dm21PA 
99B381526CORNELL, Saml Dm43PA 
99B391526CORNELL, Elizaf31PA 
99B401526CORNELL, Asaf15PA 
99B411526CORNELL, Zephaniahm10PA 
99B421526CORNELL, Judson Lm8PA 

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