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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Lenox Township

Page 81

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
81A11240SHELLY, Wmm26PA 
81A21240SHELLY, Matildaf25PA 
81A31240SHELLY, John Am2 
81A41240SHELLY, Daniel Bm1 
81A51240CORAH ?, Johnm20 
81A61241MOREY, Annaf72 
81A71242NICKANE ?, Ishud ?m37NJ 
81A81242NICKANE ?, Maryf35NJ 
81A91242NICKANE ?, ?m19PA 
81A101242NICKANE ?, Sarahf7PA 
81A111242NICKANE ?, Edwinm5PA 
81A121242NICKANE ?, Lucyf3PA 
81A131242HISOK ?, Elizabethf76NJ 
81A141243CONRAD, Chsm29PA 
81A151243CONRAD, Rachelf27PA 
81A161243CONRAD, Carolinef6PA 
81A171243CONRAD, ?m4PA 
81A181243CONRAD, Francism1PA 
81A191243CONRAD, Morrism1PA 
81A201243HARVEY, E Hm29PA 
81A211243MILLER, Jm19PA 
81A221243THORNE, Wmm17PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
81A231244GROW, Elizabethf63CT 
81A241244GROW, Edwin Wm36CT 
81A251244GROW, S A Rm30CT 
81A261244GROW, Elisha Bm25CT 
81A271244GROW, G Am28CT 
81A281245KENNY, O Lm40CT 
81A291245KENNY, Juliaf38CT 
81A301245KENNY, Kirkm15PA 
81A311245KENNY, Eugenem11PA 
81A321245KENNY, Helenf13PA 
81A331245HUNT, Sarahf20CT 
81A341245BUCK, Maryf17CT 
81A351246SERVERANCE ?, Edm21CT 
81A361246JOHNSTONE, Peterm30NJ 
81A371246JOHNSTONE, Sarahf20PA 
81A381246JOHNSTONE, Everettm2PA 
81A391246JOHNSTONE, Minnie A ?f5/12PA 
81A401247?, Johnm18Germany 
81A411247RAUB, Jacobm34Germany ? 
81A421247RAUB, Phebef33 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
81B11247RAUB, Susanf7PA 
81B21247RAUB, Pollyf6PA 
81B31247RAUB, Harrietf4PA 
81B41247RAUB, Rufusm2PA 
81B51248EATON, Asam39CT 
81B61248EATON, Paulinef37NY 
81B71248EATON, Mary Af17 
81B81248EATON, Abra_mm12 
81B91248EATON, Francism7 
81B101248WILLING ?, Sallyf37 
81B111249SIMPSON, Carr?m42 
81B121249SIMPSON, Lucyf41 
81B131249SIMPSON, Arlindaf30 
81B141249SIMPSON, Charlesm18 
81B151249SIMPSON, Addisonm16 
81B161249SIMPSON, Albertm15 
81B171249SIMPSON, Francesm12 
81B181249SIMPSON, Carolinef10 
81B191249SIMPSON, Carrm8 
81B201249SIMPSON, Helenf3 
81B211250ASTER, Jonm40 
81B221250ASTER, Wmm35Ireland 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
81B231250COSGROVE, Jhom35Ireland 
81B241250MC*******, Jnom36Ireland 
81B251250MCGABE, Patm40Ireland 
81B261251MANNING, Michm41Ireland 
81B271251MANNING, Mary Lf39Ireland 
81B281251M******, Bridgetf30Ireland 
81B291251RELLY ?, Martinm30Ireland 
81B301251SMITH, ?nam37Ireland 
81B311252OBRIEN, Tm35Ireland 
81B321252KETTLE, Jnom29Ireland 
81B331252FAY, Jnom28Ireland 
81B341252FAY, Mary Lf31Ireland 
81B351254CONAN, Jnom34Ireland 
81B361254HALL, Jnom35Ireland 
81B371254MAGILL, Patm29Ireland 
81B381254LINCH, Jnom40Ireland 
81B391254MCMAHON, Jasm29Ireland 
81B401254MCCULLOUGH, Pm42Ireland 
81B411254CADDY ?, Jnom44Ireland 
81B421254FALLON, Catherinef29Ireland 

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