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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Rush Township

Page 67

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
67A11007BIRCH, Harrym31NY 
67A21007BIRCH, Rachalf27NY 
67A31007BIRCH, Nathanielm13PA 
67A41007BIRCH, Lavinia ?f11PA 
67A51007BIRCH, Lucindaf9PA 
67A61007BIRCH, Johnm5PA 
67A71007BIRCH, Adelbertf3PA 
67A81008LINDSEY, Williamm36PA 
67A91008LINDSEY, Hannahf33NY 
67A101008LINDSEY, Americusm15 
67A111008LINDSEY, Zenam13PA 
67A121008LINDSEY, Tillaf14PA 
67A131008LINDSEY, Dennism8PA 
67A141008LINDSEY, Annaf3PA 
67A151008LINDSEY, Georgem6/12PA 
67A161009ROBINSON, Henrym33NY 
67A171009ROBINSON, Betsyf31NY 
67A181009ROBINSON, Andrew Fm8 
67A191009ROBINSON, Ursala Af6PA 
67A201009ROBINSON, A Malindaf4 
67A211009ROBINSON, Harrietf2PA 
67A221009ROBINSON, Paulina Lf1 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
67A231010LIGHT, Davidm30PA 
67A241010LIGHT, Elizaf35NY 
67A251010LIGHT, Mary Ff14NY 
67A261010LIGHT, Sarah Af11 
67A271010LIGHT, Clarissaf9PA 
67A281010LIGHT, Eliza Gf2 
67A291011ROBINSON, Rowlandm28NY 
67A301011ROBINSON, Melindaf24 
67A311011ROBINSON, Mary Df3PA 
67A321011ROBINSON, Edward Em1 
67A331012ESTES, Abielm38NY 
67A341012ESTES, Amyf30 
67A351012NEWTON, Jnom10PA 
67A361012NEWTON, Salomef7 
67A371013ESTES, Uriahm74NY 
67A381013ESTES, Sarahf65MA 
67A391013ESTES, Harveym22PA 
67A401013LIGHT, Agnesf17 
67A411014OGDEN, Elisham32 
67A421014OGDEN, Julia Annf37 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
67B11014QUICK, Jamesm10PA 
67B21014MORRE ?, Melindaf18NY 
67B31015MULKEY, Johnm44CT 
67B41015MULKEY, Hannahf40PA 
67B51015MULKEY, Mary Annf20 
67B61015MULKEY, Geo Fm16 
67B71015MULKEY, H Elizabethf14 
67B81015MULKEY, Sarah Ff12 
67B91015MULKEY, Wm Lm5 
67B101015MULKEY, James Am3 
67B111015MULKEY, John Hm5/12 
67B121016FARGO, Jamesm35PA 
67B131016FARGO, Carolinef28 
67B141016FARGO, Charlesm8 
67B151016FARGO, Harrietf6 
67B161016FARGO, Wellingotnm2 
67B171017GRAY, A Mm42CT 
67B181017GRAY, Mary ff3RI 
67B191017GRAY, John Wm12 
67B201017GRAY, Amyf6 
67B211017GRAY, Alice Ff2 
67B221017GRAY, babyf4/12 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
67B231018EDDY, Charlesm60CT 
67B241018EDDY, Abigailf59CT 
67B251018EDDY, Chas Hm20PA 
67B261018EDDY, C Evelinef16 
67B271019PATTERSON, Abrahamm54MA 
67B281019PATTERSON, Abiahf51NY 
67B291019PATTERSON, G H Pm15 
67B301019PATTERSON, Abrm Wm14 
67B311019PATTERSON, John Cm3 
67B321020PATTERSON, Davidm27NY 
67B331020PATTERSON, Mary Lf32 
67B341020PATTERSON, Williamm2/12 
67B351021CANFIELD, Northropm26PA 
67B361021CANFIELD, Eliazth Ef25 
67B371021CANFIELD, Irene Ef5/12 
67B381022ESTES, Wm Hm30NY 
67B391022ESTES, Lydia Mf24PA 
67B401022ESTES, Mary Janef5 
67B411022ESTES, Juliannaf4 
67B421022ESTES, Canfieldm2 

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