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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Auburn Township

Page 45

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
45A1670BENNETT, Eliasm41PA 
45A2670BENNETT, Mary Janef34VT 
45A3670BENNETT, Ora E ?f14PA 
45A4670BENNETT, Wm Cm12PA 
45A5670BENNETT, Mary Jf5PA 
45A6670BENNETT, Warrenm2PA 
45A7671FAUSMAN ?, Isaacm37PA 
45A8671FAUSMAN ?, Wealthyf39PA 
45A9671FAUSMAN ?, Geo Lm5PA 
45A10671FAUSMAN ?, Elizaf1PA 
45A11672BENNETT, Wmm46PA 
45A12672BENNETT, Harrietf45CT 
45A13672BENNETT, Margretf23PA 
45A14672BENNETT, Washingotnm20PA 
45A15672BENNETT, Fancyf18PA 
45A16672BENNETT, Arnolm17PA 
45A17672BENNETT, Wmm14PA 
45A18672BENNETT, Henrym12PA 
45A19672BENNETT, Elizthf9PA 
45A20672BENNETT, Prall ?m4PA 
45A21672BENNETT, Harrietf6PA 
45A22672BENNETT, Thomasm2PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
45A23672BENNETT, Wealthyf71PA 
45A24673BENNETT, Danm36PA 
45A25673BENNETT, Eunicef36PA 
45A26673BENNETT, Freemanm8PA 
45A27673BENNETT, Eunice Jrf2PA 
45A28674HALL, Rushm50PA 
45A29674HALL, Maryf54CT 
45A30674HALL, Louisaf19PA 
45A31674HALL, J Warrenm18PA 
45A32674HALL, Arnolm16PA 
45A33674HALL, Alexanderm16PA 
45A34674HALL, Horacem14PA 
45A35674HALL, Sarahf14PA 
45A36675WAKEFIELD, Josiahm59NH 
45A37675WAKEFIELD, Laodociaf45PA 
45A38675WAKEFIELD, Jamesm27PA 
45A39675WAKEFIELD, Marthaf20PA 
45A40675WAKEFIELD, Calestaf19PA 
45A41675WAKEFIELD, Danfordm14PA 
45A42676WELLS, Cf60PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
45B1676WELLS, Peterm25PA 
45B2677SHELDEN, Breed ?m42NY 
45B3677SHELDEN, Huldahf30PA 
45B4677SHELDEN, Fletcherm5PA 
45B5677SMITH, Mf15PA 
45B6677MORE, Maryf17PA 
45B8678SPAULDING, Emilyf18PA 
45B9679GRANGER, Mf45PA 
45B10679GRANGER, Martinm52PA 
45B11680SHELDEN, Hm75NY 
45B12680SHELDEN, Maryf29PA 
45B13681MYER, Ezram34NY 
45B14681MYER, Mabelf34PA 
45B15681MYER, Albertm7PA 
45B16681MYER, Elwellm5PA 
45B17681MYER, Edwardm3PA 
45B18681MYER, Emelinef2PA 
45B19681MYER, Hettyf2/12PA 
45B20682WELLS, Em35PA 
45B21682WELLS, Mary Annf32PA 
45B22682WELLS, Jamesm13PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
45B23682WELLS, Johnsonm11PA 
45B24682WELLS, Malorie ?m9PA 
45B25682WELLS, Jamesm6PA 
45B26683BAKER, Freemanm32NY 
45B27683BAKER, Abby Annf36NY 
45B28683BAKER, Freedlove ?f10PA 
45B29683BAKER, Alicef8PA 
45B30683BAKER, Horacem5PA 
45B31683BAKER, Elizaf3PA 
45B32684AVERY, Dalm39NY 
45B33684AVERY, Juliaf45NY 
45B34684MCCRACKEN, Hm18PA 
45B35684AVERY, Cm13PA 
45B36684MEACHAM, Hm23PA 
45B37685BAGLEY, Thosm56PA 
45B38685BAGLEY, Beah ?f56PA 
45B39685BAGLEY, Juliettaf17PA 
45B40685BAGLEY, Roxanaf12PA 
45B41686EVANS, Sm29PA 
45B42686EVANS, Marianne Cf26PA 

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