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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Dundaff Borough

Page 358

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
358A11COLEMAN, Alexanderm34NYpa1860
358A21COLEMAN, Catherinef33PApa1860
358A31COLEMAN, Alanson H.m19PA 
358A41COLEMAN, Harrietf10PApa1860
358A51COLEMAN, Hannahf8PApa1860
358A61COLEMAN, William A.m4PApa1860
358A71COLEMAN, Garrettm47NY 
358A81YOUNG, Mary Annf36PA 
358A91SHERMAN, Christopherm22PA 
358A101BLACKMAN, Corneliusm24PA 
358A111MILLS, Amosm 
358A122WELLS, Erastus G.m26PA 
358A132WELLS, Ann Marief24PA 
358A142WELLS, Theodorem1PA 
358A152BROWNELL, Margaretf14PA 
358A163CONE, Georgem44NY 
358A173CONE, Frances Cf37PA 
358A183CONE, Hannah H or W?f16PA 
358A193CONE, Dorastusm13PA 
358A204PHINNEY, Thomas P.m48CT 
358A214PHINNEY, Elizabethf47NJ 
358A224PHINNEY, Thomas H.m17PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
358A234PHINNEY, Owen R.m13PA 
358A244PHINNEY, Elizabeth G.f11PA 
358A254PHINNEY, Janef9PA 
358A264BROWNELL, Benjamin Jrm23PA 
358A274ROSE, Maryf35Ireland 
358A285PERKINS, Charlesm40CT 
358A295PERKINS, Mary Annf35England 
358A305PERKINS, Mary Elizabethf11PA 
358A315PERKINS, Charles C.m3PA 
358A326ORAM, Sidney G.m37England 
358A336ORAM, Sarahf26NY 
358A346ORAM, William F.m9PA 
358A356ORAM, Harriet I.f7PA 
358A366ORAM, Adalinef5PA 
358A377HEALY, Henry C.m44CT 
358A387HEALY, Francesf44RI 
358A397HEALY, Sarahf15PA 
358A407HEALY, Samuelm13PA 
358A417HEALY, Granville R.m8PA 
358A427CLARK, Francism5PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
358B1229WATKINS, Thomasm47Wales 
358B2229WATKINS, Hannahf36Wales 
358B3229WATKINS, Katherine?m15PA 
358B4229WATKINS, Maryf13PA 
358B5229WATKINS, Evanm12PA 
358B6229WATKINS, Johnm8PA 
358B7229EYNON, Thomasm30Wales 
358B8229EYNON, Catherinef21Wales 
358B9229EYNON, Janef6mPA 
358B10229JONES, Catherinef15PA 
358B11229EDWARDS, Elizabethf10Wales 
358B12230COLEMAN, John W.m38NY 
358B13230COLEMAN, Henrym23PA 
358B14230COLEMAN, Catherinef22PA 
358B15230COLEMAN, Ruth Annf19PA 
358B16230COLEMAN, Bentonm17PA 
358B17230COLEMAN, Alexanderm10PA 
358B18231COLEMAN, Jeremiahm31NY 
358B19231COLEMAN, Garrettm19PA 
358B20232FINN, Johnm28PA 
358B21232FINN, Irenef28PA 
358B22232FINN, Olivef6PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
358B23232FINN, Harriet?f4PA 
358B24232FINN, Cyrusm1PA 
358B25233HODGE, Henry E.?m28NY 
358B26233HODGE, Harrietf30NJ 
358B27233HODGE, Maryf51NJ 
358B28233PHINNEY, Elisham38CT 
358B29233PHINNEY, Hannahf30NY 
358B30233PHINNEY, Mary J.f12PA 
358B31233PHINNEY, Robert N.?m8PA 
358B32233SCANTLIN, Maryf25Ireland 
358B33234SMITH, Davism44NY 
358B34234SMITH, Louisaf37NY 
358B35234SMITH, John Henrym17NY 
358B36234SMITH, Williamm15PA 
358B37234SMITH, Ann E.f13PA 
358B38234SMITH, Andrew Jacksonm7PA 
358B39234SMITH, George Washingtonm5PA 
358B40234SMITH, Bentonm2PA 

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