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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Jessup Township

Page 35

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
35A1512CARRIER, Willsm68CT 
35A2512CARRIER, Sylvaf69VT 
35A3512CARRIER, Mahalaf39PA 
35A4512CARRIER, Ursalaf25PA 
35A5512WAKELER, Ef12PA 
35A6513MCLEOD, Calvinm24PA 
35A7513MCLEOD, Hannahf17PA 
35A8513MCLEOD, Daniel Gm20PA 
35A9514YOUNG, Jasm37Scotland 
35A10514YOUNG, Annaf37CT 
35A11514YOUNG, Emmelinef11PA 
35A12514YOUNG, Elijahm10PA 
35A13514YOUNG, Annf8PA 
35A14514YOUNG, Agnesf40PA 
35A15515WALDIS, Jasm38Scotland 
35A16515WALDIS, Annaf36Scotland 
35A17515WALDIS, Nancyf15Scotland 
35A18515WALDIS, Jamesm13PA 
35A19515WALDIS, Amandaf9PA 
35A20515WALDIS, Johnm7PA 
35A21515WALDIS, Alexanderm5PA 
35A22515WALDIS, Mosesm2PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
35A23515WALDIS, Thomasm6/12PA 
35A24515WALDIS, Helenf76Scotland 
35A25516HENRY, Geom37PA 
35A26516HENRY, Ursalaf36NY 
35A27516HENRY, Wilhamm15PA 
35A28516HENRY, Jamesm14PA 
35A29516HENRY, Almiraf12PA 
35A30516HENRY, Edwinm10PA 
35A31516HENRY, Le Grandm8PA 
35A32516HENRY, Parmeliaf6PA 
35A33516HENRY, Timothym6/12PA 
35A34517SHELP, Henrym25NY 
35A35517SHELP, Hannah Ef25NY 
35A36517SHELP, Johnm4PA 
35A37517SHELP, Mary Jf2PA 
35A38517WARNER, Janef23PA 
35A39518HART, Pm41VT 
35A40518HART, Rachelf32PA 
35A41518HART, Philanderm11PA 
35A42518HART, Maryf9PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
35B1518HART, Isaacm8PA 
35B2518HART, Jemimaf6PA 
35B3518HART, Williamm4PA 
35B4518HART, Juliannef2PA 
35B5518HART, Juliettaf2PA 
35B6519WOODHOUSE, Isaacm28PA 
35B7519WOODHOUSE, Mercyf27PA 
35B8519WOODHOUSE, Maryf4/12PA 
35B9519WHIPPLE, Electaf29PA 
35B10520SMITH, Wmm62NJ 
35B11520SMITH, Jemimaf45NJ 
35B12520SMITH, Leonif12NJ 
35B13520LILY, Thosm60NY 
35B14520LINES, Annaf35NY 
35B15521SMITH, Danm22NJ 
35B16521SMITH, Maryf22NJ 
35B17521SMITH, Lydiaf1PA 
35B18522SMITH, Jonasm29NJ 
35B19522SMITH, Sarahf31NJ 
35B20522SMITH, Maryf8PA 
35B21522SMITH, Williamm6PA 
35B22522SMITH, Juliaf4PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
35B23522SMITH, Charlesm3PA 
35B24522SMITH, Jemimaf1PA 
35B25522DRAKE, H Wm17PA 
35B26523STREET, Andw Vm76NY 
35B27523STREET, Janef48NY 
35B28524TARPIN, Edwdm72CT 
35B29524TARPIN, Hannah Bf67CT 
35B30524TARPIN, Hannahf35CT 
35B31524TARPIN, Edwdm12VT 
35B32525MILLS, Henrym48VT 
35B33525MILLS, Cathnf46VT 
35B34525MILLS, Rebeccaf20PA 
35B35525MILLS, Johnm16PA 
35B36525MILLS, G Washingtonm12PA 
35B37525MILLS, Francism10PA 
35B38526BAILEY, Gm47CT 
35B39526BAILEY, Opheliaf24Canada 
35B40526BAILEY, Joshuam5PA 
35B41527COOK, Erastus Vm55NY 
35B42528HEWITT, Alexm30NJ 

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