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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Clifford Township

Page 342

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
342A11BURNS, Ellerym33PA 
342A11BURNS, Ellerym33PA 
342A21BURNS, Harrietf26PA 
342A31BURNS, Ira Halem8PA 
342A41BURNS, Archibaldm4PA 
342A52ALVOORD, Georgem35CT 
342A62ALVOORD, Lucy Lf31PA 
342A72ALVOORD, Augusta Jf9PA 
342A82ALVOORD, Nelson Cm7PA 
342A92ALVOORD, Ellery Bm6PA 
342A102ALVOORD, Mary Ef4PA 
342A112ALVOORD, Albert Am2PA 
342A123BURNS, Alexanderm40PA 
342A133BURNS, Emilyf40PA 
342A143BURNS, Evangellaf18PA 
342A153BURNS, Homerm15PA 
342A163BURNS, Mary Emilyf10PA 
342A173BURNS, Hepsa Sf7PA 
342A183BURNS, Effie Mayf3mPA 
342A194GUILE, Asa C.m34RI 
342A204GUILE, Juliaf26PA 
342A214GUILE, Joelm14CT 
342A224GUILE, Mary Janef4PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
342A234BURNS, Annaf76MA 
342A245BURNS, Henrym54NY 
342A255BURNS, Catyf58PA 
342A265BURNS, Jonathanm24OH 
342A275BURNS, Gilbertm21OH 
342A285BURNS, Erastus Wm17PA 
342A295BURNS, Henry H.m15PA 
342A305BURNS, Lucy Af12PA 
342A3111CARPENTER, Helen Ef6mPA 
342A326BURRITT, Rufusm36PA 
342A336BURRITT, Carolinef30PA 
342A346BURRITT, Henriettaf9PA 
342A356BURRITT, Blackleachm7PA 
342A366BURRITT, Edwinm1PA 
342A376BURRITT, Sarahf71CT 
342A3813BURNS, Granville Am11PA 
342A3913BURNS, Reedem6PApa1870
342A4013BURNS, Jamon Am3PA 
342A4113BURNS, Edwin Wm8mPA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
342A477BURDICK, Stephenm30PA 
342A487BURDICK, Amy Annf30PA 
342A497BURDICK, Emelinef6PA 
342A507BURDICK, Jared R.m2PA 
342A517WHITMAN, Sarah C.f14PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
342B18SMITH, Benjaminm38PA 
342B28SMITH, Corinthiaf35CT 
342B38SMITH, Emma Hf8PA 
342B48SMITH, Willard Rm6PA 
342B58SMITH, Lucian Hm5PA 
342B68SMITH, Marcus Am1PA 
342B78SMITH, Ransfordm83CT 
342B88COLEMAN, William R.m42MA 
342B98COLEMAN, Sarahf42CT 
342B108COLEMAN, Obed Hm20PA 
342B118COLEMAN, Nancy L.f18PA 
342B128COLEMAN, William C.?m16PA 
342B138COLEMAN, Joseph Fm12PA 
342B148COLEMAN, Susan Jf10PA 
342B158COLEMAN, Smith Sm5PA 
342B168SMITH, Philanderm35PA 
342B1710BARRETT, Michaelm25Ireland 
342B1810BARRETT, Peggyf30Ireland 
342B1910BARRETT, John Burkem4PA 
342B2010BARRETT, Catherinef7mPA 
342B2111CARPENTER, Zenasm45PA 
342B2211CARPENTER, Abigail Ff42PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
342B2311CARPENTER, Alfred Wm19PA 
342B2411CARPENTER, Harriet Mf17PA 
342B2511CARPENTER, Osmar? T.m15PA 
342B2611CARPENTER, Triphena Af12PA 
342B2711CARPENTER, Adelia Af10PA 
342B2811CARPENTER, Alonzom8PA 
342B2911CARPENTER, Zenas Lm6PA 
342B3011CARPENTER, Hubert Dm4PA 
342B3212ROUNDS, Henrym24PA 
342B3312ROUNDS, Maryf18RI 
342B3413BURNS, Jonathanm40PA 
342B3513BURNS, Elizaf28PA 
342B3613BURNS, Alsinaf15PA 
342B3713BURNS, Byington Tm12PA 

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