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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Harford Township

Page 326

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
326A11TINGLEY, Charlesm54MA 
326A21TINGLEY, Sallyf52MA 
326A31TINGLEY, Janef21PA 
326A41TINGLEY, Urbanem16PA 
326A51TINGLEY, Homerm14PA 
326A62POTTER, Josephm50NY 
326A72POTTER, Louisaf50NY 
326A82EDWARDS, David Mm23NY 
326A92EDWARDS, Elizabethf19NY 
326A102EDWARDS, Mary Louisaf9/12NY 
326A113READ, Noahm61MA 
326A123READ, Maryf60PA 
326A134READ, Abel Jrm45PA 
326A144READ, Elviraf39CT 
326A154READ, Adalinef17PA 
326A164READ, Wellingtonm16PA 
326A174READ, Ann Ef14PA 
326A184READ, Eleanorf12PA 
326A194READ, Everettm8PA 
326A204READ, Abel Srm82MA 
326A215EVERETT, Gabrielm51NY 
326A225EVERETT, Rachelf50NY 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
326A235EVERETT, Catherine Tf22NY 
326A245EVERETT, Estherf20NY 
326A255EVERETT, Samuel Sm18NY 
326A265EVERETT, Joseph Cm16NY 
326A275EVERETT, Deborahf10PA 
326A285EVERETT, Waitm8PA 
326A296HALSTED, James Fm54PA 
326A306HALSTED, Louisaf53MA 
326A316HALSTED, Elbert Dm21PA 
326A326HALSTED, Daniel Lm18PA 
326A336HALSTED, John Am15PA 
326A346HALSTED, George Wm11PA 
326A356TITUS, Clarissaf75PA 
326A367GUARD, Johnm57CT 
326A377GUARD, Fannyf58CT 
326A387GUARD, Fanny Jrf31CT 
326A397GUARD, Johnm26PA 
326A407GUARD, Nathanm21PApa1910
326A417GUARD, Phebe Annf18PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
326B18FOLLETT, Elkanah Tm44PA 
326B28FOLLETT, Pattyf67MA 
326B39FOLLETT, Ovidm43PA 
326B49FOLLETT, Lusaniaf37PA 
326B59FOLLETT, Corinthiaf15PA 
326B69FOLLETT, Virgilm13PA 
326B79FOLLETT, Elizabethf11PA 
326B89FOLLETT, Juliaf9PA 
326B99FOLLETT, Georgem8PA 
326B109FOLLETT, Williamm7PA 
326B119FOLLETT, Emeroyf5PA 
326B129FOLLETT, Henriettaf3PA 
326B1310BLANDING, Adenm53MA 
326B1410BLANDING, Elonaf45PA 
326B1510DUNN, Huldah Annf27PA 
326B1610DUNN, Betsey Bf25PA 
326B1711BLANDING, E Mm50PA 
326B1811BLANDING, ??f42PA 
326B1911BLANDING, William Mm21OH 
326B2011BLANDING, John Hm17OH 
326B2111BLANDING, Eugene Em14PA 
326B2211BLANDING, Josephine Ef12PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
326B2311BLANDING, Flavia Cf10PA 
326B2411BLANDING, Frank Pm1PA 
326B2511TUTTLE, Eunicef67CT 
326B2612CLARK, Jacobm53CT 
326B2712CLARK, Cynthiaf47PA 
326B2812CLARK, Elizaf22PA 
326B2912CLARK, Evelinef11PA 
326B3013WHITNEY, Billiousm56CT 
326B3113WHITNEY, Janef53VTpa1880
326B3213WHITNEY, David Em28NYpa1880
326B3313BARNES, Rachel Af16NY 
326B3414VAN BUSKIRK, Andrewm36NY 
326B3514VAN BUSKIRK, Mary Gf36NY 
326B3614VAN BUSKIRK, Elizabethf11PA 
326B3714VAN BUSKIRK, Evelinef9PA 
326B3814VAN BUSKIRK, David Am7PA 
326B3914VAN BUSKIRK, Mary Ellenf5PA 
326B4014VAN BUSKIRK, Carolinef3PA 
326B4114GILLESPIE, Andrewm52NY 

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