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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Brooklyn Township

Page 312

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
312A11ADAMS, James Lm43NY 
312A21ADAMS, Lydia Tf41PA 
312A31ADAMS, Mary Lf4PA 
312A42PERIGO, Charlesm66CT 
312A52PERIGO, Reddyf58MA 
312A62PERIGO, Lydiaf23PA 
312A72PERIGO, Henrym17PA 
312A82PERIGO, Manningm15PA 
312A93TEWKSBURY, Franklinm27PA 
312A103TEWKSBURY, Frances Af24NY 
312A113TEWKSBURY, Lesterm2PA 
312A123TEWKSBURY, Egbert Lm2/12PA 
312A133RICH ?, Sally Abigailf18NY 
312A144TEWKSBURY, Danielm49PA 
312A154TEWKSBURY, Prudencef51CT 
312A164TEWKSBURY, Sallyf24PA 
312A174TEWKSBURY, Henrym23PA 
312A184TEWKSBURY, Johnm16PA 
312A194FISH, Sarahf13PA 
312A205OAKLEY, Jothamm32PA 
312A215OAKLEY, Mary Annf35PA 
312A225OAKLEY, Philaniaf8PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
312A235OAKLEY, Celinda Af7PA 
312A245OAKLEY, Jane Ameliaf5PA 
312A255OAKLEY, Martha Annf2PA 
312A266OAKLEY, Jamesm56PA 
312A276OAKLEY, Fashtef57CT 
312A286OAKLEY, George Dm24PA 
312A296OAKLEY, Mary Janef21PA 
312A306OAKLEY, Martha Annf18PA 
312A316OAKLEY, Daniel Gm15PA 
312A327HERKINS, Peter Jrm34PA 
312A337HERKINS, Maryf32NY 
312A347HERKINS, William Hm10PA 
312A357HERKINS, Sarah Janef9PA 
312A367HERKINS, Frances Af7PA 
312A377HERKINS, Georgem4PA 
312A387HERKINS, Mary Jf1PA 
312A398BENJAMIN, Lathropm25NY 
312A408BENJAMIN, Loretta Af29PA 
312A418BENJAMIN, Cordelia Rf2PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
312B19MILLAN, William Mm32PA 
312B29MILLAN, Margaretf72NY 
312B39MILLAN, Clarkm38NY 
312B49MILLAN, Christanaf34NY 
312B59MILLAN, Jamesm30PA 
312B69MILLAN, Rinaldo Lm4PA 
312B710TOWNSEND, Samuel Dm48NY 
312B810TOWNSEND, Sarah Mf48NY 
312B910TOWNSEND, Adelia Mf19PA 
312B1010TOWNSEND, Jeromem17PA 
312B1110TOWNSEND, Ruth Corneliaf15PA 
312B1210PERIGO, Charlesm27PA 
312B1311WATROUS, Bradford Om26PA 
312B1411WATROUS, Pollyf26PA 
312B1511WATROUS, Ann Elizaf3PA 
312B1611CRANDALL, William Jm9PA 
312B1712KENT, Justinm79MA 
312B1812KENT, Annef71PA 
312B1912KENT, Davidm51NY 
312B2012KENT, Betseyf42NY 
312B2112KENT, Lucinaf21PA 
312B2212KENT, Justin Mm11PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
312B2312KENT, Angleia Ef6PA 
312B2412KENT, Ansel Mm4PA 
312B2512LANGETAFFS, Thomasm16PA 
312B2612KENT, Emilyf32PA 
312B2712KENT, Elizaf30PA 
312B2813OSBORN, Jamesm58NY 
312B2913OSBORN, Maryf46NY 
312B3013OSBORN, Elizabethf21NY 
312B3113OSBORN, Williamm19NY 
312B3213OSBORN, Maryf16NY 
312B3313OSBORN, Harrisonm13NY 
312B3413OSBORN, Hilyf9NY 
312B3514WILLIAMS, Sarahf40CT 
312B3614WILLIAMS, Sarah Jrf20CT 
312B3714WILLIAMS, Charlesm19CT 
312B3814WILLIAMS, Joabm17PA 
312B3914WILLIAMS, Georgem15PA 
312B4014WILLIAMS, Harrietf12PA 
312B4114WILLIAMS, Willardm8PA 

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