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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Bridgewater Township

Page 292

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
292A11CHAPMAN, John Hm43PA 
292A21CHAPMAN, Sarah Louisaf35PA 
292A31CHAPMAN, Elizabeth Hf9PA 
292A41CHAPMAN, Josephm6PA 
292A51CHAPMAN, Annf3PA 
292A62LATHROP, Benjaminm46CT 
292A72LATHROP, Fanny Jf53CT 
292A82LATHROP, Francesm18PA 
292A92LATHROP, Ruthf18PA 
292A103PERKINS, Quertusm50CT 
292A113PERKINS, Aphyrnaf45CT 
292A123PERKINS, Asam14PA 
292A133PERKINS, Maryf5PA 
292A143PERKINS, Charlesm4PA 
292A153PERKINS, Johnm1PA 
292A164HAGANS, Isaacm45Ireland 
292A174HAGANS, Marilla Lf44CT 
292A184HAGANS, Hannah Janef15PA 
292A194HAGANS, Harriet Ef12PA 
292A204HAGANS, Frances Ellenf5PA 
292A214HAGANS, William Isaacm3PA 
292A225YOUNG, Israelm58PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
292A235YOUNG, Lydiaf40PA 
292A245YOUNG, Emelinef7PA 
292A256MCKINNEY, Benajahm66CT 
292A266MCKINNEY, Sabrinaf57NH 
292A276MCKINNEY, Georgem27PA 
292A286MCKINNEY, Elizabethf28PA 
292A296MCKINNEY, Edwinm20PA 
292A306MCKINNEY, Charlesm17PA 
292A317DEAN, Jessem50NY 
292A327DEAN, Matildaf40NY 
292A338FANCHER, Johnm43NJ 
292A348FANCHER, Thebef55PA 
292A358FANCHER, Fideliaf17PA 
292A368FANCHER, Edsonm15PA 
292A379WELLS, Reubenm50PA 
292A389WELLS, Nancyf47CT 
292A399WELLS, Albertm13PA 
292A409WELLS, Edwardm10PA 
292A419WELLS, Georgem8PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
292B110CONNELL, George Rm24PA 
292B210CONNELL, Maryf25PA 
292B310CONNELL, Sterling Bm1/12PA 
292B411TEPENDEN, Asam55CT 
292B511TEPENDEN, Samuel Wm28PA 
292B611TEPENDEN, Lury S ?f25PA 
292B711TEPENDEN, Hannah Mf19PA 
292B811TEPENDEN, Frederick Am16PA 
292B911TEPENDEN, Eunice Ef9PA 
292B1012BACCUS, Georgem44NY 
292B1112BACCUS, Elizaf40RI 
292B1212BACCUS, Mary Elizabethf21PA 
292B1312BACCUS, Lucy Amandaf20PA 
292B1412BACCUS, Sally Wf18PA 
292B1512BACCUS, John Hm16PA 
292B1612BACCUS, Asa Cm13PA 
292B1712BACCUS, Samuel Am11PA 
292B1812BACCUS, Martha Mf9PA 
292B1912BACCUS, Jane Af6PA 
292B2012BACCUS, George Em4PA 
292B2112BACCUS, Hellen Gf1PA 
292B2212BACCUS, Johnm73NY 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
292B2313BULLARD, Otism55MA 
292B2413BULLARD, Mary Annf51CT 
292B2513BULLARD, Sally Carolinef24PA 
292B2613BULLARD, Harriet Janef20PA 
292B2713BULLARD, Naomi Ruthf18PA 
292B2813BULLARD, Betsy Salomef16PA 
292B2913BULLARD, William Wallacem13PA 
292B3014PAIN, Asam47CT 
292B3114COON, Frederick Bm27PA 
292B3214COON, Rhodaf25PA 
292B3315COON, Emily Shaferm47NJ 
292B3415COON, Uraniaf40CT 
292B3515COON, Maryf20PA 
292B3615COON, Ameliaf18PA 
292B3715COON, Arlinef16PA 
292B3815COON, Williamm14PA 
292B3915COON, Sylviaf10PA 
292B4015SUTTON, Martinm21NJ 
292B4115DUNSAN ?, Orpherniaf21PA 

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