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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Lathrop Township

Page 28

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
28A1419SWEET, Williamm62NY 
28A2419SWEET, Abigailf57NY 
28A3420BUTTON, Wm Rm36NY 
28A4420BUTTON, Marandaf36NY 
28A5420BUTTON, Maranda Jrf9PA 
28A6420BUTTON, Romaf7PA 
28A7420BARBER, Pm15PA 
28A8421BUTTON, Nelsonm32NY 
28A9421BUTTON, Eunicef24PA 
28A10421BUTTON, Rosettaf2PA 
28A11421BUTTON, Villettaf9 
28A12421BUTTON, Albertm5PA 
28A13422DECKER, Georgem30NY 
28A14422DECKER, Belindaf22PA 
28A15422DECKER, Ezram7/12PA 
28A16423SMEAD, Asam33PA 
28A17423SMEAD, Eunicef29PA 
28A18423SMEAD, Maryf7PA 
28A19423SMEAD, Georgem1PA 
28A20424STEVENS, Wmm28NY 
28A21424STEVENS, Janef68PA 
28A22424MAYNARD, Geom22PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
28A23425QUICK, Stoddardm40PA 
28A24425QUICK, Wf19PA 
28A25425QUICK, babyf1PA 
28A26426DECKER, Jacobm39NY 
28A27426DECKER, Hannahf35NY 
28A28426DECKER, Jas Mm14NY 
28A29426DECKER, Jobm12NY 
28A30426DECKER, Jamesm10NY 
28A31426DECKER, Elijah Hm9NY 
28A32426DECKER, Henrym7NY 
28A33426DECKER, Elizabethf5NY 
28A34426DECKER, Maryf4NY 
28A35426DECKER, Estherf2PA 
28A36427STEVENS, Wardm35NY 
28A37427STEVENS, Sally Annf30NY 
28A38427STEVENS, Margaretf10NY 
28A39427STEVENS, Freemanm8NY 
28A40427STEVENS, Edwinm7NY 
28A41427STEVENS, Elijam5NY 
28A42427STEVENS, Maryf3NY 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
28B1427STEVENS, Senta ?f1NY 
28B2428BUTTON, Jasm56RI 
28B3428BUTTON, Maryf53NY 
28B4428BUTTON, Jamesm18PA 
28B5428BUTTON, Abnerm16PA 
28B6428BUTTON, Maryf13PA 
28B7429FELTON, Williamm38PA 
28B8429FELTON, Elsief25PA 
28B9429FELTON, Janef8PA 
28B10429FELTON, Atlanticm5PA 
28B11429FELTON, Lucettaf6/12PA 
28B12430FELTON, Christianm63PA 
28B13430FELTON, Margetf63PA 
28B14430FELTON, Rachaelf19PA 
28B15431WILLIAMS, Fell ?m50CT 
28B16431WILLIAMS, Lodimaf51CT 
28B17431WILLIAMS, Seymourm22NY 
28B18431WILLIAMS, Phebef20PA 
28B19431WILLIAMS, Betsyf15PA 
28B20431WILLIAMS, Dyerm5PA 
28B21431JAYNE, Samm72PA 
28B22432ROBINSON, Thosm26NY 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
28B23432ROBINSON, Celestiaf21PA 
28B24432ROBINSON, Helenf2PA 
28B25432ROBINSON, Jehidm5/12PA 
28B26433WOOD, Davidm51VT 
28B27433WOOD, Pollyf51Canada 
28B28433ROBINSON, Wmm28NY 
28B29433ROBINSON, Fannyf28VT 
28B30433ROBINSON, Nancyf5VT 
28B31433ROBINSON, Elenorf3VT 
28B32433ROBINSON, Maryf3/12VT 
28B33434TEWKSBURY, Geom37PA 
28B34434TEWKSBURY, Juliaf33PA 
28B35434TEWKSBURY, Johnm11PA 
28B36434TEWKSBURY, Janef9PA 
28B37434WATERMAN, Wm22PA 
28B38435GREEN, Abelm62RI 
28B39435GREEN, Wantore ?f35RI 
28B40435GREEN, Asaf29RI 
28B41435GREEN, Georgem11PA 
28B42435GREEN, Jamesm9PA 

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