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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Gibson Township

Page 274

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
274A11STARK, Georgem36NY 
274A21STARK, Pollyf26NY 
274A31STARK, Griffin Cm7PA 
274A41STARK, Elizaf4PA 
274A51STARK, Polly Mf2PA 
274A61STARK, George Hm2/12PA 
274A71BROWN, Martha Janef10PA 
274A82TRIPP, Orsonm26PA 
274A92TRIPP, Pollyf30PA 
274A103STARK, Sylvesterm24NY 
274A113STARK, Abigailf21PA 
274A123STARK, Amanda Ef2PA 
274A133STARK, Maryf2/12PA 
274A144MCPHARSON, Mathewm40Ireland 
274A154MCPHARSON, Marthaf40Ireland 
274A164MCPHARSON, Williamm18onAtlantic 
274A174MCPHARSON, Margaretf16PA 
274A184MCPHARSON, Mathewm14PA 
274A194MCPHARSON, Marthaf8PA 
274A204MCPHARSON, Eliza Jf6PA 
274A214MCPHARSON, Sarahf4PA 
274A224MCPHARSON, Jamesm4PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
274A235PICKERING, Georgem27PA 
274A245PICKERING, Elvira Lf24PApa1880
274A255PICKERING, Henry D Fm2PApa1880
274A265PICKERING, Elizabeth R Jf1PApa1880
274A276HUBBELL, Isaacm36PA 
274A286HUBBELL, Annief33CT 
274A296HUBBELL, Jasperm13PA 
274A306HUBBELL, Charlesm11PA 
274A316HUBBELL, Mariaf9PA 
274A326HUBBELL, Olivef6PA 
274A336HUBBELL, Sethm3PA 
274A346HUBBELL, Carolinef1PA 
274A357HOWLAND, Henry Wm29MA 
274A367HOWLAND, Roxannaf25PA 
274A377HOWLAND, J*****f3PA 
274A387HOWLAND, Francis Mm9/12PA 
274A398BLANCHARD, Alcestaf34NH 
274A408BLANCHARD, Ferrism16PA 
274A418BLANCHARD, Gerviahf14PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
274B19BILEARSON, Isaac`m56RI 
274B29BILEARSON, Abigailf47NY 
274B39BILEARSON, Jonathan Wm16PA 
274B49BILEARSON, Sally Mf16PA 
274B59BILEARSON, Charles Lm9PA 
274B69BILEARSON, Elisham4PA 
274B710SWEET, John Cm71MA 
274B810SWEET, Elizaf65PA 
274B910SWEET, Martin Gm20PA 
274B1010SWEET, Betseyf30PA 
274B1110SWEET, Mary Elizabethf5PA 
274B1210SWEET, Sarah Annf3PA 
274B1310SWEET, John Franklinm1PA 
274B1411WALKER, Arnoldm41CT 
274B1511WALKER, Lucia Rf40CT 
274B1611WALKER, Manly Nm18PA 
274B1712WALKER, Almanzerm24PA 
274B1812WALKER, Phebe Janef23PApa1880
274B1912WALKER, Alvinia Df3PA 
274B2013WALKER, William Leem27NY 
274B2113WALKER, Lauraf22PA 
274B2213WALKER, Marthaf2PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
274B2314BENNETT, Johnm53NY 
274B2414BENNETT, Cythiaf55NH 
274B2514BENNETT, Horacem21PA 
274B2614BENNETT, Rossman Wm17PA 
274B2714BENNETT, John Wesleym12PA 
274B2815COON, Simeon Lm23NY 
274B2915COON, Priscilla Lf25PA 
274B3015COON, Helen Mf7/12PA 
274B3116BENNETT, Edwinm24PA 
274B3216BENNETT, Rosannaf21NYpa1880
274B3316BENNETT, Sarah Ef3PApa1880
274B3417HOWELL, Niven Km28PA 
274B3517HOWELL, Sylviaf25NY 
274B3617HOWELL, Caroline Mf4PA 
274B3717HOWELL, Isaacm2PA 
274B3817HOWELL, Charles Em2/12PA 
274B3918NEWTON, Sylveyf40MA 
274B4018NEWTON, J Warner ??m29NY 
274B4118NEWTON, Hannah Cf20NY 

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