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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Herrick Township

Page 262

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
262A11MOORE, Jacobm42NY 
262A21MOORE, Sallyf40NY 
262A31MOORE, Adelinef15NY 
262A41MOORE, Leverett Dm11NY 
262A51MOORE, Harriet Lf8NY 
262A61MOORE, Ansonm6NY 
262A71MOORE, Abrahamm4NY 
262A82SNOW, Johnm61CT 
262A92SNOW, Lucyf57CT 
262A102SNOW, Laura Hf24PA 
262A112SNOW, Samuel Lm22PA 
262A123WORTH, Edmundm74NH 
262A133WORTH, Mary Tf57NH 
262A143WORTH, Cyril Cm17PA 
262A153TAUNER, Maryf8PA 
262A164TODD, Georgem40NY 
262A174TODD, Mary Ef35CT 
262A184TODD, Edward Em6NY 
262A194TODD, Adelaide Sf2PA 
262A204TODD, Herman Am1/12PA 
262A215TYLER, Jabezm63MA 
262A225TYLER, Mary Rf55VT 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
262A235TYLER, Royalm37PA 
262A245TYLER, Williston Km24PA 
262A255TYLER, Ebenezer Dm22PA 
262A265TYLER, Juliusm17PA 
262A276HERRICK, Amasam66CT 
262A286HERRICK, Sarahf66MA 
262A296HERRICK, Dorotha Lf28PA 
262A306HERRICK, Sarah Af22PA 
262A317BOSKET, Williamm25England 
262A327BOSKET, Electaf24PA 
262A337BOSKET, Nancy Lf2PA 
262A348BRUSH, Georgem31CT 
262A358BRUSH, Hannahf28PA 
262A368BRUSH, Davidm10PA 
262A378BRUSH, Edwinm8PA 
262A388BRUSH, Maryf6PA 
262A398BRUSH, Edgarm4PA 
262A408BRUSH, Helenf2PA 
262A418BRUSH, Abnerm1/12PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
262B19TEW, Jamesm37England 
262B29TEW, Alicef56England 
262B39TEW, Isabelf18England 
262B49TEW, Marthaf15England 
262B59TEW, Rosalindaf12England 
262B69WHITLOCK, Sarahf26England 
262B79WHITLOCK, Catherinef23England 
262B89WHITLOCK, Henrym1PA 
262B99WHITLOCK, Catherinef1PA 
262B1010BOSKET, Thomasm30England 
262B1110BOSKET, Annf30England 
262B1210BOSKET, Elizaf5England 
262B1310BOSKET, Eleanorf3PA 
262B1410BOSKET, Josephm2PA 
262B1510BOSKET, Olive Lf7/12PA 
262B1611BLOXHAM, Josephm40England 
262B1711BLOXHAM, Fannyf45CT 
262B1811BLOXHAM, Charlottef16PA 
262B1911BLOXHAM, Urbanem14PA 
262B2011BLOXHAM, Georgem9PA 
262B2111BLOXHAM, Susannahf8PA 
262B2211BLOXHAM, Maryf4PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
262B2312WALKER, Ezram56CT 
262B2412WALKER, Eunicef53NY 
262B2512WALKER, Jones Wm18PA 
262B2612WALKER, Ezra Jrm16PA 
262B2712THORN, Josephm50NY 
262B2813WALKER, Parleym32PA 
262B2913WALKER, Lucinda Ef29PA 
262B3013WALKER, Eunice Af7PA 
262B3113WALKER, Charlotte Af5PA 
262B3213WALKER, Wesley Mm7/12PA 
262B3314WALKER, Alonzom31PA 
262B3414WALKER, Roxanaf30PA 
262B3514WALKER, Nancy Jf5PA 
262B3614WALKER, Eliza Annf1PA 
262B3715OGDEN, Elisham40NY 
262B3815OGDEN, Deborahf43NY 
262B3915OGDEN, Richardm9 
262B4015OGDEN, Oscar Mm6PA 
262B4115BLOWERS, Elizaf6PA 

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