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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Jackson Township

Page 250

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
250A11WAYMAN, Jacobm27NY 
250A21WAYMAN, Almiraf29PA 
250A31WAYMAN, Dianthaf8PA 
250A41WAYMAN, Williamm6PA 
250A51WAYMAN, Phebef4PA 
250A61WAYMAN, Alviraf4/12PA 
250A72GALLOWAY, Theodorem30PA 
250A82GALLOWAY, Betsy Annf25PA 
250A92GALLOWAY, Emma Janef6PA 
250A102GALLOWAY, Hannah Maryf4PA 
250A112GALLOWAY, Williamm1PA 
250A123HOUGHTALING, Christopherm40NY 
250A133HOUGHTALING, Annaf41NY 
250A143HOUGHTALING, Henrym16PA 
250A153HOUGHTALING, Jacobm14PA 
250A163HOUGHTALING, Christopherm12PA 
250A173HOUGHTALING, Johnm10PA 
250A183HOUGHTALING, Pollyf7PA 
250A193HOUGHTALING, Hiramm5PA 
250A204BALDWIN, Jeremiahm32PA 
250A214BALDWIN, Nancy Mf27CT 
250A224BALDWIN, Albert Jm6PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
250A234BALDWIN, Edwin Cm4PA 
250A244BALDWIN, Margaretf3PA 
250A255BALDWIN, Jonathan Mm26PA 
250A265BALDWIN, Clarindaf24NY 
250A275BALDWIN, Mary Af3PA 
250A285BALDWIN, Emily Mf1PA 
250A296FOSTER, Iram25PA 
250A306FOSTER, Sally Hf25PA 
250A316FOSTER, Frances Ef1PA 
250A327MILLER, Robertm45MA 
250A337MILLER, Charles Lm17MA 
250A347MILLER, Nancy Lf15PA 
250A357MILLER, Gilbert Lm11PA 
250A367MILLER, Cecelia Cf2PA 
250A377HOLMES, Sophiaf40PA 
250A388GRIFFIN, Seymour Jm32PA 
250A398GRIFFIN, Carolinef25PA 
250A408GARDNER, Lewism10NY 
250A418TARBOX, Wmm17PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
250B19WASHBURN, Dexterm42PA 
250B29WASHBURN, Abigailf36PA 
250B39WASHBURN, Sarah Janef14PA 
250B49WASHBURN, Nancy Annf12PA 
250B59WASHBURN, Jemima Cf9PA 
250B69WASHBURN, Lucy Af7PA 
250B79WASHBURN, Clarissa Hf2PA 
250B810ESTERBROOK, Sylvesterm60VT 
250B910ESTERBROOK, Demmisf58VT 
250B1010ESTERBROOK, Henrym25VT 
250B1110ESTERBROOK, Elizabethf30VT 
250B1210ESTERBROOK, Harrietf19VT 
250B1310ESTERBROOK, Warrenm17VT 
250B1410ESTERBROOK, Theodorem12VT 
250B1510ESTERBROOK, Halem28VT 
250B1610ESTERBROOK, Lucyf25PA 
250B1710RUSSELL, Charles Jm12VT 
250B1810COLE, George Mm25VT 
250B1911HARDING, Henrym53PA 
250B2011HARDING, Nancyf64NY 
250B2111DUTCHER, Sarahf9NY 
250B2212HARDING, Joel Mm28PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
250B2312HARDING, Florinaf25PA 
250B2412HARDING, Stephenm2PA 
250B2513BRYANT, Chauncey Em27NH 
250B2613BRYANT, Hannah Af30PA 
250B2714FRENCH, Charlesm40VT 
250B2814FRENCH, Eliza Bf38VT 
250B2914FRENCH, Horace Lm16VT 
250B3014FRENCH, Caroline Af14PA 
250B3114FRENCH, Annette Ef12PA 
250B3214FRENCH, Ellen Jf10PA 
250B3314FRENCH, Rosetta Lf8PA 
250B3414FRENCH, Smith Lm7PA 
250B3514FRENCH, Edmund Cm5PA 
250B3614FRENCH, Sarah Ff2PA 
250B3715BRYANT, Samuelm50NH 
250B3815BRYANT, Eunicef50NH 
250B3915BRYANT, George Sm29NH 
250B4015BRYANT, Eliza Ef19MA 
250B4115BRYANT, Rufus Cm10PA 

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