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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Thomson Township

Page 242

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
242A11SAMPSON, Georgem49NY 
242A21SAMPSON, Lorindaf40VT 
242A31SAMPSON, Marionf19PA 
242A41SAMPSON, Washingtonm16PA 
242A51SAMPSON, Lavinaf7PA 
242A62MCMURRAY, Hutchinsonm25Irelandpa1860
242A72MCMURRAY, Loranaf19PA 
242A82MCMURRAY, Guilford Sm3PApa1860
242A92MCMURRAY, William Em6/12PA 
242A103MESSENGER, Everettm49CT 
242A113MESSENGER, Maryf42NY 
242A123MESSENGER, Rhoda Ef19PA 
242A133MESSENGER, Mary Janef13PA 
242A143MESSENGER, Walter Bm2PA 
242A154WHITING, Torry ?m58VT 
242A164WHITING, Elizabethf54VT 
242A174WHITING, Veloscom19PA 
242A185STONE, Elsonm42MA 
242A195STONE, Lavinaf38VT 
242A205STONE, Normanm19PA 
242A215STONE, Freemanm16PA 
242A225STONE, Daytonm9PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
242A235STONE, Sarah Annf7PA 
242A245STONE, Oscarm6PA 
242A255STONE, Ladaina ?f2PA 
242A266WASHBURN, Erastusm30PA 
242A276WASHBURN, Nancyf28PA 
242A286WASHBURN, Almeda Bf8PA 
242A296WASHBURN, Charles Bm6PA 
242A306WASHBURN, Esther Af1PA 
242A316WASHBURN, Nancyf63MA 
242A327DIX, Benjaminm27PA 
242A337DIX, Sarah Lf30PA 
242A348DANA, Nathanielm50NY 
242A358DANA, Lamiraf47NH 
242A368DANA, Orphaf25PA 
242A378DANA, Johnm20PA 
242A388DANA, Lauraf16PA 
242A398DANA, Warrenm13PA 
242A408DANA, Wheatonm11PA 
242A413MESSENGER, Oscarm22 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
242B19NORRIS, Thomas Fm30PA 
242B29NORRIS, Sarah Lf33VT 
242B39NORRIS, Lucinda Ef8PA 
242B49NORRIS, Almon Nm7PA 
242B59NORRIS, Cordilla Lf6PA 
242B69NORRIS, Louisa Kf4PA 
242B79NORRIS, Guildford Wm2PA 
242B810MANN, Jonasm32VT 
242B910MANN, Catherinef23PA 
242B1010MANN, Wesley Rm3PA 
242B1110MANN, Howard Am8/12PA 
242B1211WHITCOMB, Albam51NH 
242B1311WHITCOMB, Almiraf48NH 
242B1411WHITCOMB, Orrillaf16NH 
242B1511WHITCOMB, Lesterm12NH 
242B1612WHITNEY, Herrickm32PA 
242B1712WHITNEY, Fastina Lf32PA 
242B1812WHITNEY, Delancy Nm3PA 
242B1912WHITNEY, Orvillem1PA 
242B2013BRYANT, Elias Mm31PA 
242B2113BRYANT, Lydia Annf30PA 
242B2213BRYANT, Horace Fm11PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
242B2313BRYANT, Davis Dm8PA 
242B2413BRYANT, Emmaf6PA 
242B2513BRYANT, Ellenf4PA 
242B2614BABCOCK, Orinm50NY 
242B2714BABCOCK, Eliza Annf51NY 
242B2814BABCOCK, Andrewm20NY 
242B2914BABCOCK, Jerushaf14PA 
242B3014BABCOCK, Semanthaf19PA 
242B3115POTTER, Francism26PA 
242B3215POTTER, Lucindaf21CT 
242B3315POTTER, Parleym2PA 
242B3416NICHOLS, Johnm35Eng 
242B3516NICHOLS, Sarahf41Eng 
242B3616NICHOLS, Harrietf9Eng 
242B3716NICHOLS, Mary Annf5Eng 
242B3817LEONARD, Nathan Am32VT 
242B3917LEONARD, Ameliaf29Eng 
242B4017LEONARD, Carolinef8PA 
242B4117LEONARD, Nathanm2PA 

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