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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Harmony Township

Page 222

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
222A11BLODGET, Prescottm46MA 
222A21BLODGET, Uraniaf46PA 
222A31BLODGET, Lauraf12PA 
222A41BLODGET, Henry Harrisonm10PA 
222A51BLODGET, Ellenf9PA 
222A61BLODGET, Hendrickm5PA 
222A72MCKUNE, Josephm57NY 
222A82MCKUNE, Sarahf56NY 
222A92NICHOLS, Betsey Annf37NY 
222A102NICHOLS, Gersham Mm33NJ 
222A112NICHOLS, Sarah Janef11NY 
222A122NICHOLS, Jamesm6PA 
222A132NICHOLS, Mary Estherf3/12PA 
222A142NICHOLS, Nancyf26PA 
222A152NICHOLS, Phebef23PA 
222A162NICHOLS, Eunicef21PA 
222A172NICHOLS, Josephm19PA 
222A182NICHOLS, Benjaminm16PA 
222A192NICHOLS, Sarahf15PA 
222A203MCKUNE, Phebef64CT 
222A213DIMOCK, Warrenm31PA 
222A223DIMOCK, Juliaf21PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
222A234LOCKWOOD, Jamesm49NY 
222A244LOCKWOOD, Jemimaf55MA 
222A254LOCKWOOD, Benjamin Fm18NY 
222A264LOCKWOOD, Margaret Af16NY 
222A274LOCKWOOD, Rosa*thf11NY 
222A284LOCKWOOD, Nathanielm81NY 
222A294LOCKWOOD, Sarahf80NY 
222A305SHUTTS, Morganm41NY 
222A315SHUTTS, Estherf40NY 
222A325SHUTTS, Lewism18NY 
222A335SHUTTS, Clarinda Af12NY 
222A345SHUTTS, Reymodm9PA 
222A355SHUTTS, Williametta Sf6PA 
222A365BARNS, Johnm21NY 
222A375BARNS, Margaretf16NY 
222A385ROOT, Alvam17PA 
222A396GREEK, Williamm70NY 
222A406GREEK, Betseyf30NY 
222A416GREEK, Levim20NY 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
222B17SUMMERTON, Thomasm43MA 
222B27SUMMERTON, Catherinef29NY 
222B37SUMMERTON, Georgem12NY 
222B47SUMMERTON, Martinm10PA 
222B57SUMMERTON, Thomasm7PA 
222B68VAN ANTHWERP, Tunism66NY 
222B78VAN ANTHWERP, Catherinef60NY 
222B88VAN ANTHWERP, Lovinaf20NY 
222B99VAN ANTHWERP, Nicholasm24NY 
222B109VAN ANTHWERP, Lorniaf16PA 
222B1110VAN ANTHWERP, David Hm37NY 
222B1210VAN ANTHWERP, Lucindaf18NY 
222B1310VAN ANTHWERP, William Em1/12PA 
222B1410FAIRCHILD, Claraf44NY 
222B1511VAN ANTWERP, Jamesm36NY 
222B1611VAN ANTWERP, Hannahf30PA 
222B1711VAN ANTWERP, Walter Em4PA 
222B1811ROOT, Eunicef19PA 
222B1911ROOT, Demsonm65NY 
222B2012VAN ANTWERP, Danielm44NY 
222B2112VAN ANTWERP, Lorindaf35CT 
222B2212VAN ANTWERP, Charles Lm6/12PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
222B2313TEWKSBURY, Frederickm25PA 
222B2413TEWKSBURY, Harrietf20NY 
222B2513TEWKSBURY, Charles Lm3PA 
222B2614WESTFALL, Elijahm56PA 
222B2714WESTFALL, Martha Janef46NY 
222B2814MARVIN, Jamesm17PA 
222B2914MARVIN, Isabelf14PA 
222B3014LAFAYETTE, Marcus Dm6PA 
222B3114PENNY, Mathewm62NY 
222B3214TOMKINS, Charles Sm23NY 
222B3314TOMKINS, Caroline Janef23PA 
222B3414PENNY, Williamm20NY 
222B3515WESTFALL, Levim51PA 
222B3615WESTFALL, Rachelm35PA 
222B3715WESTFALL, Mary Ellenf10PA 
222B3815WESTFALL, George Wm9PA 
222B3915WESTFALL, Aaronm5PA 
222B4015HARRIS, Amandaf27PA 
222B4115HARRIS, Charles Em2NY 

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