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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Great Bend Township

Page 190

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
190A11SHERMAN, Abelm59VT 
190A21SHERMAN, Hannahf56VT 
190A31SHERMAN, James Hm28MA 
190A41SHERMAN, Johnm22PA 
190A51SHERMAN, Willardm18PA 
190A61SHERMAN, Jane Ef14PA 
190A72TROWBRIDGE, Amasa Jm43PA 
190A82TROWBRIDGE, Amandaf39PA 
190A92TROWBRIDGE, Augustusm16PA 
190A102TROWBRIDGE, Jane Ef14PA 
190A112TROWBRIDGE, Theodorem13PA 
190A122TROWBRIDGE, James Melvinm7PA 
190A132TROWBRIDGE, Ameliaf3PA 
190A142TROWBRIDGE, Emmaf1PA 
190A153SMITH, C Cm36CT 
190A163SMITH, Alzinaf37PA 
190A173MORSE, Levim29PA 
190A183TROWBRIDGE, Betsey Mf46NY 
190A194SKINNER, Elijahm45PA 
190A204SKINNER, Sarahf43PA 
190A214SKINNER, Harrietf20PA 
190A224SKINNER, Elizaf19PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
190A234SKINNER, Andrea ?f16PA 
190A244SKINNER, Marcusm11PA 
190A254MCDANIEL, Oliverm27PA 
190A265SKINNER, Freemanm22PA 
190A275SKINNER, Mary Janef18NY 
190A286BROWN, Mosesm30NY 
190A296CLARK, Catyf75NY 
190A307TROWBRIDGE, Charlesm36PA 
190A317TROWBRIDGE, Rosanaf38PA 
190A327TROWBRIDGE, Chester Mm9PA 
190A337TROWBRIDGE, Hiram Om6PA 
190A347TROWBRIDGE, Charles Rm4PA 
190A357TROWBRIDGE, Sylvia Af1PA 
190A368ODELL, Gershomm35PA 
190A378ODELL, Sallyf47NY 
190A388ODELL, Henrym14PA 
190A398ODELL, Caroline Ef13PA 
190A408ODELL, Margaret Jf9PA 
190A418ODELL, Albertm5PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
190B19MARRICH, Corneliusm49NY 
190B29MARRICH, Hannahf44NY 
190B39MARRICH, Elizaf14PA 
190B410JOHNSON, Garretm50NY 
190B510JOHNSON, Amandaf47CT 
190B610JOHNSON, Eliza Janef23PA 
190B710JOHNSON, Andrewm21PA 
190B810JOHNSON, Harrietf18PA 
190B910JOHNSON, Jamesm16PA 
190B1010JOHNSON, Raynsfordm14PA 
190B1110JOHNSON, Ellenf11PA 
190B1210JOHNSON, Albertm9PA 
190B1310JOHNSON, Edgarm7PA 
190B1411GERSHAM, Corneliusm55NY 
190B1511GERSHAM, Margaretf58NY 
190B1612MCKINNEY, John Dm28PA 
190B1712MCKINNEY, Rebeccaf26PA 
190B1812MCKINNEY, Melvinm3PA 
190B1912MCKINNEY, Lucy Annf9/12PA 
190B2013VANORSDALE, Isaacm39NY 
190B2113VANORSDALE, Corneliaf31NY 
190B2213VANORSDALE, Ann Elizaf11PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
190B2313VANORSDALE, Sarah Mf9PA 
190B2413VANORSDALE, Emily Janef7PA 
190B2513VANORSDALE, Lewis Mm3PA 
190B2613VANORSDALE, Corneliaf1PA 
190B2714ACKERMAN, Stephenm38PA 
190B2814ACKERMAN, Angelinaf36NY 
190B2914ACKERMAN, Elizabethf14PA 
190B3014ACKERMAN, Newel Wm11PA 
190B3114ACKERMAN, Abigailm9PA 
190B3214ACKERMAN, Dorindaf6PA 
190B3314ACKERMAN, Ann Elizaf3PA 
190B3414MCKINNEY, Catherinef57NY 
190B3514MCKINNEY, Williamm29NY 
190B3614MCKINNEY, Elizaf26NY 
190B3715CLARK, Pollyf38NY 
190B3815CLARK, Williamm14PA 
190B3915CLARK, Catherinef17PA 
190B4015CLARK, Georgem11PA 
190B4115CLARK, Sally Janef7PA 
190B4215CLARK, Louisaf3PA 

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