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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Borough of Montrose

Page 178

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
178A11CASE, Benjamin Jm64NY 
178A21CASE, Annisf60NY 
178A31CASE, Janef20PA 
178A41CASE, Frederick Am18PA 
178A52JESSUP, Williamm53NY 
178A62JESSUP, Amandaf52NY 
178A72JESSUP, William Hm20PA 
178A82JESSUP, Henry Hm15PA 
178A92JESSUP, Samuelm16PA 
178A102JESSUP, Fanny Mf14PA 
178A112JESSUP, George Am12PA 
178A122JESSUP, Phebe Annf10PA 
178A132JESSUP, Hunting Cm7PA 
178A142MITCHELL, Hughm22Ireland 
178A152AHERN, Johannaf17Ireland 
178A162BROWN, Orphaf19PA 
178A173AVERY, Charlesm54CT 
178A183AVERY, Harriettef53PA 
178A193AVERY, Fayettem30PA 
178A203AVERY, Louisaf22PA 
178A213AVERY, Gertrudef18PA 
178A223AVERY, Claraf15PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
178A234BALDWIN, Chapmanm38PA 
178A244BALDWIN, Lucyf37PA 
178A254BALDWIN, Ruhamaf8PA 
178A264BALDWIN, Marthaf6PA 
178A274BALDWIN, Chapman Sm1/12PA 
178A284WINENS, Stephenm28VT 
178A294ROBERTS, Amosm19PA 
178A304NICHOLS, Amosm17PA 
178A314WILES, Hiramm40NY 
178A324BURTIS, George Hm17PA 
178A334FESSENDEN, Theodorem17PA 
178A344NICHOLS, Rachelm52NY 
178A355SALISBURY, Javanm34VT 
178A365SALISBURY, Jane Rf29PA 
178A375SALISBURY, Amanda Jf4PA 
178A385SALISBURY, Henry Jm2PA 
178A395SALISBURY, Mary Cf1/12PA 
178A406DAY, Robertm71NJ 
178A416DAY, Hannahf28PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
178B17READ, Charles Fm33PA 
178B27READ, Charles Mm7PA 
178B37READ, Frances Mf20PA 
178B47SAYRE, Simon Mm22NY 
178B57HAMLIN, Susanf17Ireland 
178B68BENTLEY, George Fm37NY 
178B78BENTLEY, Catherine Cf31PA 
178B88BENTLEY, Priscilla Of7PA 
178B98BENTLEY, Catherine Hf3PA 
178B108BENTLEY, Francis Gm2/12PA 
178B118ODONNELL, Bridgetf16Ireland 
178B129LYONS, Jerre ?m52MA 
178B139LYONS, Melindaf52VT 
178B149LYONS, Theodore Am24PA 
178B159LYONS, Sophia Mf20PA 
178B169LYONS, George Hm6PA 
178B1710CHANDLER, Francis Bm35MA 
178B1810CHANDLER, Mary Sf27PA 
178B1910CHANDLER, William Jm8PA 
178B2010CHANDLER, Benjamin Lm6PA 
178B2110MCMANN, Bridgetf20Ireland 
178B2211WEBB, Henry Jm40CT 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
178B2311WEBB, Maryf35PA 
178B2411WEBB, Charlesm10PA 
178B2511FLANNAGAN, Maryf20Ireland 
178B2612LATHROP, Azurm34PA 
178B2712LATHROP, Sarah Ef25PA 
178B2812CORNELL, Sarahf61DE 
178B2912MCMINN, Maryf40DE 
178B3012LATHROP, Dudson ?m21PA 
178B3112LATHROP, Francis Jm18PA 
178B3212BARRY, Ellenf21Ireland 
178B3313WILSON, Mason Sm52NY 
178B3413WILSON, Mary Sf50NY 
178B3513WILSON, Saxon Mm23NY 
178B3613WILSON, Fanny Mf22NY 
178B3713WILSON, Mary Sf19NY 
178B3813STREET, William Hm12NY 
178B3914LOZIER, Pollyf40VT 
178B4014LOZIER, Emory Sm31NY 
178B4114LOZIER, Harriet Lf19NY 

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