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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Apolocan Township

Page 169

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
169A12572TOWSEN, Jnom25CT 
169A22572TOWSEN, Francesf19MA 
169A32573CLIFFORD, Jnom65NH 
169A42573CLIFFORD, Lydiaf53CT 
169A52573CLIFFORD, Richardm38MA 
169A62573CLIFFORD, John Mm9OH 
169A72574CLIFFORD, Plantm30MA 
169A82574CLIFFORD, Susanf22NY 
169A92574CLIFFORD, Davidm4PA 
169A102574CLIFFORD, Alicef2PA 
169A112575REARDON, Thosm40Ireland 
169A122575REARDON, Maryf33Ireland 
169A132575REARDON, Johnm10PA 
169A142575REARDON, Edwardm8 
169A152575REARDON, Johannaf4 
169A162575REARDON, Peterm6 
169A172576REARDON, Peterm45Ireland 
169A182576REARDON, Maryf38Ireland 
169A192576REARDON, Patrickm4PA 
169A202576REARDON, Maryf7 
169A212576REARDON, Hanna ?f6 
169A222576REARDON, Johnm1 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
169A232576NASH, Richdm12Ireland 
169A242577COLLINS, Richdm46VT 
169A252577COLLINS, Carolinef30MA 
169A262577COLLINS, Lyeth ?f17 
169A272577COLLINS, Lymanm13 
169A282577COLLINS, Maryf12 
169A292577COLLINS, Lenoraf10 
169A302577COLLINS, Fannyf9 
169A312577COLLINS, Williamm3 
169A322577COLLINS, Davidm18 
169A332577COLLINS, Carolinef4 
169A342578KRIMMINS, Jnom40Ireland 
169A352578KRIMMINS, Bridgetf42 
169A362578KRIMMINS, Michlm14 
169A372578KRIMMINS, Honora ?f13 
169A382578KRIMMINS, Cathnf12 
169A392578KRIMMINS, Patkm10 
169A402579CANALY, Jnom45 
169A412579CANALY, Bridgetf40 
169A422579CANALY, Danlm8 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
169B12579CANALY, Maryf6PA 
169B22579CANALY, Cathnf4 
169B32579CANALY, Jernm1 
169B42580DUEL, Elijahm68NY 
169B52580DUEL, Samlm19 
169B62580DUEL, Betsyf26 
169B72580DUEL, Johnm4/12PA 
169B82581DUEL, Johnm24VT 
169B92581DUEL, Estherf20NY 
169B102581DUEL, Henrym17PA 
169B112581DUEL, Asam10PA 
169B122582CLIFFORD, Peterm40VT 
169B132582CLIFFORD, Maryf40NY 
169B142582CLIFFORD, Lorenzom15PA 
169B152583KANE, Johnm43Ireland 
169B162583KANE, Nancyf38Ireland 
169B172583KANE, Joshm17Ireland 
169B182583KANE, Bridgetf13PA 
169B192583KANE, Margtf12 
169B202583KANE, Timothym10 
169B212583KANE, Maryf8 
169B222583KANE, Johnm5 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
169B232583KANE, Hannahf4 
169B242583KANE, Janef1 
169B252584CRONAN, Timothym80Ireland 
169B262584CRONAN, Margtf55Ireland 
169B272584CRONAN, Juliaf14PA 
169B282584CRONAN, Danielm12 
169B292584CRONAN, Cathnf9 
169B302584CRONAN, Honora ?f6 
169B312584CRONAN, Michlm3 
169B322584CRONAN, Bridgetf1 
169B332585MCGRAH, Johnm45Ireland 
169B342585MCGRAH, Cathnf40 
169B352585MCGRAH, Dennism15 
169B362585MCGRAH, Michlm12 
169B372585MCGRAH, Williamm11 
169B382585MCGRAH, Johnm9PA 
169B392585MCGRAH, Jamesm3 
169B402586REGAN, Wm Jrm40Ireland 
169B412586REGAN, Ellenf35 
169B422586REGAN, Honoraf19 

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