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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Friendsville Township

Page 157

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
157A12405LEET, Calvinm58NY 
157A22405LEET, Susanf57CT 
157A32405LEET, Nathan Ym20PA 
157A42405LEET, Ellen Yf18PA 
157A52405LEET, Marthaf15PA 
157A62406BLISS, Edwinm53CT 
157A72406BLISS, Uma ?f46PA 
157A82406BLISS, Miles Wm25PA 
157A92406BLISS, Mary Af17PA 
157A102406BLISS, Edwin Zm3 ?PA 
157A112406KEENAHAN, Thosm18Ireland 
157A122406MANN, Susanf20Ireland 
157A132407TAGGART, Jamesm32PA 
157A142407TAGGART, Charlottef34PA 
157A152407TAGGART, Almonm3/12PA 
157A162408GLIDDEN, Benjaminm32NYpa1880
157A172408GLIDDEN, Frances Ef28PApa1880
157A182408GLIDDEN, Mary Jf7PA 
157A192408GLIDDEN, Ann Ef7PA 
157A202408GLIDDEN, James Wm5PA 
157A212408GLIDDEN, Benjaminm3PA 
157A222408GLIDDEN, Sarah Jf1PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
157A232409WICKHAM, Ahiram37CT 
157A242409WICKHAM, Maryf37CT 
157A252409WICKHAM, Orrinm13CT 
157A262409WICKHAM, Mary Df8PA 
157A272409WICKHAM, Marthaf5PA 
157A282410HILLARD, Mary Hf26PA 
157A292410HOSFORD ?, Josephm18CT 
157A302410SMITH, Margaretf18PA 
157A312411KULTON ?, Jamesm32PA 
157A322411KULTON ?, Clariisa Lf24PA 
157A332411KULTON ?, John Bm4PA 
157A342411KULTON ?, Mary Lf2PA 
157A352412LEARY, Thomasm35Ireland 
157A362412LEARY, Rosannaf23NJpa1880
157A372412LEARY, Thomasm3PA 
157A382412LEARY, Mary Jf1PA 
157A392412MOYAN, Jamesm51Ireland 
157A402413FERRY, Jamesm53Ireland 
157A412413FERRY, Florindaf48Ireland 
157A422413FERRY, Jamesm17PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
157B12413FERRY, Susanf15PA 
157B22413FERRY, Florindaf12PA 
157B32413FERRY, Andrewm9PA 
157B42413FERRY, Marthaf7PA 
157B52413FERRY, Henrym3PA 
157B62414LEET, Calvin Jrm26PA 
157B72414LEET, Arabellaf24PA 
157B82414LEET, Charlesm4PA 
157B92415ROSS, Almiraf27PA 
157B102416FORDHAM, Abrahamm35NY 
157B112416FORDHAM, Rebeccaf29NJ 
157B122416FORDHAM, Albertm12NJ 
157B132416FORDHAM, Williamm10NJ 
157B142416FORDHAM, Johnm3PA 
157B152416FORDHAM, Amosm2PA 
157B162416FORDHAM, Georgem1PA 
157B172417DARROW, Leml E ?m36NY 
157B182417DARROW, Frances H ?f24NY 
157B192417DARROW, Ann Af9NY 
157B202417DARROW, David Wm7NY 
157B212418GLIDDEN, Benjaminm66NH 
157B222418GLIDDEN, Sofrhia ?f64MA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
157B232418GLIDDEN, David Wm22PA 
157B242419GURNEY, Joshuam63NY 
157B252419GURNEY, Lydiaf59NY 
157B262419GURNEY, Davidm19NY 
157B272420HORTON, Samuelm36PA 
157B282420HORTON, Sarahf34NY 
157B292420HORTON, Williamm12PA 
157B302420HORTON, Susannaf8PA 
157B312420HORTON, Ariby ?m7PA 
157B322420LEET, Calvinm5PA 
157B332420LEET, Alicef3PA 
157B342420LEET, Samuelm1PA 
157B352421HUSK, Josephm56CT 
157B362421HUSK, Julie Lf46CT 
157B372421HUSK, Sarahf21CT 
157B382421ELDRID, Carolinef12PA 
157B392421MATHEWS, Johnm15PA 
157B402422CAMPBELL, Charles Lm81CT 
157B412422CAMPBELL, Sarahf66CT 
157B422423CAMPBELL, Charlesm32PA 

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