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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Dimock Township

Page 15

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
15A1229CASSIDY, Abelm40PA 
15A2229CASSIDY, Cf38PA 
15A3229CASSIDY, Elizaf14PA 
15A4229CASSIDY, Phlianderm12PA 
15A5229CASSIDY, Hnerym7PA 
15A6229CASSIDY, Almonm6PA 
15A7229COX, Maryf15PA 
15A8230NEWTON, Lorenm47VT 
15A9230NEWTON, Emilyf39PA 
15A10230NEWTON, Corneliaf12PA 
15A11230NEWTON, Olivef10PA 
15A12230NEWTON, Catharinef9PA 
15A13230NEWTON, Lavinaf4PA 
15A14230NEWTON, Alinaf2PA 
15A15230SMALL, An** Vm13PA 
15A16230LANE, Lorethf24PA 
15A17231MECKER, Geom29PA 
15A18231MECKER, Juliaf19PA 
15A19231MECKER, Clarencem9/12PA 
15A20231NEWTON, Mf76VT 
15A21232BLAKESLEE, Gm40PA 
15A22232BLAKESLEE, Delightf38PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
15A23232BLAKESLEE, Amandaf15PA 
15A24232BLAKESLEE, Louisaf11PA 
15A25232BLAKESLEE, Benjm8PA 
15A26232BLAKESLEE, Orlandom6PA 
15A27233LANE, G Wm65VT 
15A28233LANE, Olivef56VT 
15A29233LANE, Lorettaf23PA 
15A30233LANE, Hannah Jf18PA 
15A31233LANE, Newtonm24PA 
15A32233LANE, Freemanm17PA 
15A33233LANE, Emilyf13PA 
15A34233LANE, Florencef10PA 
15A35234BLAKESLEE, Lymanm34PA 
15A36234BLAKESLEE, Lydiaf34PA 
15A37234BLAKESLEE, Sophiaf70VT 
15A38234FISK, Sophiaf17PA 
15A39234POTTER, Am12PA 
15A40234POTTER, Belphenef7PA 
15A41235BLAKESLEE, Lelandm43PA 
15A42235BLAKESLEE, Mary Wf33PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
15B1235BLAKESLEE, Lewism10PA 
15B2235BLAKESLEE, Josephm9PA 
15B3235BLAKESLEE, Charlesm3PA 
15B4236HARKINS, Wmm53PA 
15B5236HARKINS, Sarahf45PA 
15B6236HARKINS, Warrenm28PA 
15B7236HARKINS, Thomasm23PA 
15B8236HARKINS, Cyrusm18PA 
15B9236HARKINS, Robtm13PA 
15B10236LAMBERT, Nf35NY 
15B11236LAMBERT, Adelinef4NY 
15B12236LAMBERT, Harrietf1PA 
15B13236BROWN, Jasm35 
15B14237WALLACE, Jacob Bm46NY 
15B15237WALLACE, Cathnf41NY 
15B16237WALLACE, Jas Nm20NY 
15B17237WALLACE, Jno Jm18NY 
15B18237WALLACE, Harrietf7NY 
15B19237RODE, Sarahf16NY 
15B20238HEMSTEAD, G Dm50CT 
15B21238HEMSTEAD, Maryf49CT 
15B22238HEMSTEAD, Jno Em9PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
15B23238RUNNELS, Lucyf17PA 
15B24238BABCOCK, Am26PA 
15B25239ANEY, Jnom22PA 
15B26239ANEY, Jacobm47PA 
15B27239ANEY, Cathnf46PA 
15B28239ANEY, Amandaf18PA 
15B29239ANEY, Williamm16PA 
15B30239ANEY, Davidm14PA 
15B31239ANEY, Albertm12PA 
15B32240DALY, Barneym27Ireland 
15B33240DALY, Maryf27Ireland 
15B34240DALY, Mary Jrf?PA 
15B35240DALY, Phebef3PA 
15B36240DALY, Jasm2PA 
15B37240ANEY, Nichm2PA 
15B38241BOLLES, Am45CT 
15B39241BOLLES, Eunicef51CT 
15B40241BOLLES, Johnm29PA 
15B41241BOLLES, Harrietf25PA 
15B42241BOLLES, Charlesm22PA 

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