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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Middletown Township

Page 143

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
143A12195BRADSHAW, Jnom41PA 
143A22195BRADSHAW, Amyf35PA 
143A32195BRADSHAW, Floraf14PA 
143A42195BRADSHAW, Salmonm12PA 
143A52195BRADSHAW, Myronm10PA 
143A62195BRADSHAW, Marillaf3PA 
143A72195BRADSHAW, Judsonm5PA 
143A82196DUEL, Isaacm35PA 
143A92196DUEL, Orindaf30PA 
143A102196DUEL, Maryf7PA 
143A112196DUEL, Asam6PA 
143A122196DUEL, Janef4PA 
143A132197HANDRAKE, Wm Gm65CT 
143A142197HANDRAKE, Oliviaf52CT 
143A152198HANDRAKE, David Cm27PA 
143A162198HANDRAKE, Corneliaf25PA 
143A172198HANDRAKE, Charlesm2PA 
143A182198HANDRAKE, Walterm8/12PA 
143A192199HANDRAKE, H Fm34CT 
143A202199HANDRAKE, Abiahf30PA 
143A212199HANDRAKE, Harrym27PA 
143A222199HANDRAKE, Sabraf16PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
143A232199SPRAGUE, J Hm14PA 
143A242200STONE, Jamesm30PA 
143A252200STONE, Amyrillisf28PA 
143A262200STONE, Adelinef6PA 
143A272200STONE, Dismorem5PA 
143A282200STONE, Almiraf3PA 
143A292200STONE, Canfieldm1PA 
143A302201PERIGO, Charlesm45NJ 
143A312201PERIGO, Rachelf44NJ 
143A322201PERIGO, Mariaf16NJ 
143A332201PERIGO, Markm14NJ 
143A342201PERIGO, Edwdm12NJ 
143A352201PERIGO, Judsonm8PA 
143A362201PERIGO, Chasm3PA 
143A372201PERIGO, Albertm6/12PA 
143A382202STONE, Judsonm58CT 
143A392202STONE, Pollyf55CT 
143A402202STONE, Lissaf27PA 
143A412202STONE, Ellenf13PA 
143A422202BIRDSALL, Perrym19PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
143B12203BIRDSALL, Harveym29PA 
143B22203BIRDSALL, Maryf28PA 
143B32203BIRDSALL, Mary Af3PA 
143B42203BIRDSALL, Sybillaf1PA 
143B52203HINGSLEY, Chesterm6PA 
143B62204STONE, Garradm62CT 
143B72204STONE, Cathnf44NJ 
143B82204STONE, Maryf16NY 
143B92204STONE, Juliettef11NY 
143B102204STONE, Cyrusm9NY 
143B112204STONE, Carolinef18NY 
143B122204FLYNN, Patm24Ireland 
143B132204DOHERTY, Maryf18Ireland 
143B142205MARSHALL, Dexterm45NY 
143B152205MARSHALL, Annaf40VT 
143B162205MARSHALL, Davism20VT 
143B172205MARSHALL, Sarahf19VT 
143B182205MARSHALL, Pagen16VT 
143B192205MARSHALL, Maryf14VT 
143B202205MARSHALL, Juliaf11PA 
143B212205MARSHALL, Eliasf5PA 
143B222205MARSHALL, Corneliaf3PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
143B232206FLANIGAN, Timothym28Ireland 
143B242206FLANIGAN, Anastatiaf36Ireland 
143B252206FLANIGAN, Patrickm10PA 
143B262206FLANIGAN, Cathnf8PA 
143B272206FLANIGAN, Maryf6PA 
143B282206FLANIGAN, Thomasm4PA 
143B292206FLANIGAN, Ellenf2PA 
143B302206FLANIGAN, Anastatiaf4/12PA 
143B312206FLANIGAN, Jnom25Ireland 
143B322207TRIPP, Solomonm27NY 
143B332207TRIPP, Thankfulf23NY 
143B342207TRIPP, Annaf3PA 
143B352207TRIPP, Johnm1PA 
143B362208RUSSELL, Isaac Nm44NY 
143B372208RUSSELL, Melissaf31PA 
143B382208RUSSELL, F Wm5PA 
143B392208RUSSELL, Alisonf3PA 
143B402208RUSSELL, Annef6/12PA 
143B412209HOLLISTER, F Pm30NY 
143B422209HOLLISTER, Alicef25PA 

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