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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Liberty Township

Page 133

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
133A12025IVES, Geo. B.m23PA 
133A22025IVES, Keziahf55CT 
133A32025BUCK, Sybilf84CT 
133A42025BUCK, Louisa Lf18PA 
133A52025BUCK, Mary Janef9PA 
133A62026LAW, Garrym50CT 
133A72026LAW, Elizaf40PA 
133A82026LAW, Sarahf21PA 
133A92027VANCE, Clentonm24OH 
133A102027LAW, Hiram Tm23CT 
133A112027LAW, Maryf19PA 
133A122027LAW, babym6/12PA 
133A132028ROSS, Alfredm53NH 
133A142028ROSS, Cruciaf32PA 
133A152028ROSS, Elizthf10PA 
133A162029GREGORY, Benjm23PA 
133A172029GREGORY, Paulinaf22PA 
133A182029GREGORY, Sarah Lf1PA 
133A192030JONES, Belam60CT 
133A202030JONES, Pollyf60CT 
133A212030JONES, Betsy Lf32PA 
133A222030QUIGLY, Emmelinef13NY 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
133A232030NORTHROP, Eliasm20NY 
133A242031COMSTOCK, Iram27MA 
133A252031COMSTOCK, Avism22NY 
133A262031COMSTOCK, Frankm8/12PA 
133A272031TRAVIS, Johnm7NY 
133A282032STANFORD, Calvinm29PA 
133A292032STANFORD, Annaf24PA 
133A302032SPINING, Dan?m10NY 
133A312032SPINING, Amasam4PA 
133A322032SPINING, Sam Sm2PA 
133A332032BAILEY, Williamm20PA 
133A342033STANFORD, Chasm41NH 
133A352033STANFORD, Clarissa Hf39CT 
133A362033STANFORD, Sarahf15PA 
133A372033STANFORD, Ogden Wm12PA 
133A382033STANFORD, Roxanaf6PA 
133A392033STANFORD, Amasa?m2PA 
133A402033STANFORD, Clarissaf4/12PA 
133A412033STANFORD, Ruthf68? 
133A422034STANFORD, Ddm38? 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
133B12034STANFORD, D Sf32PA 
133B22034STANFORD, Fredk Bm11PA 
133B32034STANFORD, L Eugenef9PA 
133B42034STANFORD, Danielm7PA 
133B52034STANFORD, Antoinettef4PA 
133B62034STANFORD, Lucinda Ef2PA 
133B72035BROWN, Danm25NY 
133B82035BROWN, Elizthf20NY 
133B92035BROWN, Laura Lf3PA 
133B102035BROWN, Henry Cm6/12PA 
133B112036RICHARDSON, Israelm67VT? 
133B122036RICHARDSON, Lucyf62PA 
133B132036RICHARDSON, G a Bm28PA 
133B142036RICHARDSON, Maryf26PA 
133B152036RICHARDSON, Phebe Af17PA 
133B162036RICHARDSON, Sarahf12PA 
133B172036RICHARDSON, Juliaf10PA 
133B182037LUCE, Philo Cm50NY 
133B192037LUCE, Abigailf52NY 
133B202037LUCE, Jno Warrenm29PA 
133B212037LUCE, Rebeccaf17PA 
133B222037LUCE, Israelm15PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
133B232037LUCE, Spencerm13PA 
133B242037LUCE, Russellm11PA 
133B252037LUCE, Sallyf9PA 
133B262038NORTHROP, Harrym28NY 
133B272038NORTHROP, Louisaf25PA 
133B282038NORTHROP, Ruthf3PA 
133B292039WARNER, Henrym51NY 
133B302039WARNER, Sallyf41NY 
133B312039WARNER, Benjm18PA 
133B322039WARNER, Simonm17PA 
133B332039WARNER, Maryf14PA 
133B342039WARNER, Andwm12PA 
133B352039WARNER, Lucyf6PA 
133B362040RICHARDSON, Israel Em30PA 
133B372040RICHARDSON, Pardilia?f27NY 
133B382040RICHARDSON, Ferdinandm6PA 
133B392040RICHARDSON, Isabelf4PA 
133B402040RICHARDSON, Veraf11/12PA 
133B412040MORRIS, Cham1NY 
133B422041YOUNG, Andrewm82NY 

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