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Pennsylvania from the U.S. 1850 Census


The United States Census for 1850
Susquehanna County in the state of Pennsylvania
Franklin Township

Page 124

HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
124A11879BEEBE, Harrym54PA 
124A21879BEEBE, Orrillaf57PA 
124A31879BEEBE, Phineasm30NY 
124A41879BEEBE, Sarah Ef19PA 
124A51879BEEBE, Michael Vm12PA 
124A61880BEEBE, Edwardm26NY 
124A71880BEEBE, Dollyf23NY 
124A81880BEEBE, James Fm8/12PA 
124A91881REARDON, Williamm41Ireland 
124A101881BUCKLEY, Hannahf35Ireland 
124A111881BUCKLEY, Janef11PA 
124A121881BUCKLEY, Elizaf7PA 
124A131881BUCKLEY, Henrym5PA 
124A141881BUCKLEY, Williamm3PA 
124A151881BUCKLEY, Louisaf1PA 
124A161882HAGGERTY, Johnm40Ireland 
124A171882HAGGERTY, Margaretf34Ireland 
124A181883BUCKLEY, Thomasm36Ireland 
124A191883BUCKLEY, Maryf30Ireland 
124A201883BUCKLEY, Elizabethf11PA 
124A211883BUCKLEY, Johnm9PA 
124A221883BUCKLEY, Williamm7PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
124A231883BUCKLEY, Johannaf5PA 
124A241883BUCKLEY, Margaretf3PA 
124A251883BUCKLEY, Thomasm8/12PA 
124A261884REILLY, Samuelm35PA 
124A271884REILLY, Elizabethf34PA 
124A281884REILLY, Mary Ef12PA 
124A291884REILLY, Parley Mm9PA 
124A301884REILLY, Samuel Mm7PA 
124A311884REILLY, Jasper Rm4PA 
124A321884REILLY, Charlotte Af2PA 
124A331885SNOW, Gideonm36PA 
124A341885SNOW, Lucindaf27PA 
124A351885SNOW, Clintonm12PA 
124A361885SNOW, Alpheusm10PA 
124A371885SNOW, Abelm8PA 
124A381885SNOW, Lucy Af2PA 
124A391886BARNES, Amosm55CT 
124A401886BARNES, Catharinef42PA 
124A411886BARNES, Pamelaf19PA 
124A421886BARNES, Nancyf11PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
124B11886BARNES, Sarahf8PA 
124B21887BARNES, Penelopef50VT 
124B31888WHEATON, Nathanm38CT 
124B41888WHEATON, Maryf36PA 
124B51888WHEATON, Lauraf11PA 
124B61888WHEATON, James Cm7PA 
124B71888WHEATON, John Rm2PA 
124B81889BLOWERS, D Hm43NY 
124B91889BLOWERS, Pamelaf43PA 
124B101889BLOWERS, Albertm18PA 
124B111889BLOWERS, Anna Ef16PA 
124B121889BLOWERS, Sophroniaf10PA 
124B131889BLOWERS, Josephinef5PA 
124B141889BLOWERS, Johnm2PA 
124B151889BLOWERS, Myra If8/12PA 
124B161890BEEBE, Wesleym25PA 
124B171890BEEBE, Anne Lf30PA 
124B181890BEEBE, Almonm1PA 
124B191891BEEBE, John Dm45PA 
124B201891BEEBE, Lucretiaf50CT 
124B211891GRIFFITHS, Estherf13CT 
124B221892WEBSTER, Alminaf33PA 
HouseholdIndividual NameGender- Age -- Born In -Next
124B231892WEBSTER, John Hm4PA 
124B241893FISK, James Mm20PA 
124B251893FISK, Louisaf17PA 
124B261893FISK, John Cm4/12PA 
124B271894SNOW, Lutherm42CT 
124B281894SNOW, Ann Ef41NY 
124B291894SNOW, Jamesm22PA 
124B301894SNOW, Ann Ef20PA 
124B311894SNOW, Edward Mm18PA 
124B321894SNOW, John Cm11PA 
124B331894FISK, Georgem24PA 
124B341895BURROWS, Wmm38England 
124B351895BURROWS, Elizabethf43England 
124B361895BURROWS, A Sm13PA 
124B371895BURROWS, Anna Lf11PA 
124B381895BURROWS, Elizabethf9PA 
124B391895BURROWS, Susan Ef8PA 
124B401895BURROWS, Henriettaf2PA 
124B411896BLOWERS, Georgem34PA 
124B421896BLOWERS, Lydiaf28PA 

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